Closet Makeover


In all honesty, I should have written this post a long time ago. For some reason, I kept thinking I did. Then, I kept putting it off because of school or work. But today, I finally had a little time to sit down and type this one out: my closet makeover. My closet has been in a state of disarray for several years, and has only just now become more easily managed and it stays clean longer! Go figure!

I took a trip to the container store (after browsing online) and picked up a few things. In all I spent about $40. The first thing I took care of was my major shoe issue. I had too many pairs. So, I went through and tossed all the beat up pairs that I can’t weat anymore. I actually bought this shoe organizer from WalMart about a year ago for $5. DSCN4544

Next, I have some before shots for your entertainment…

I thought storing my scarves like that would work, but it just looks messy.DSCN4546

This dresser became a crap catcher pretty quickly, so I moved it.


This poor dresser became a crap catcher as well, so I moved it out of my closet completely.


My messy shelf….(thank god you can’t see the full extent unlike the earlier photo)


Here’s the closet totally emptied out. Well, except for the black dresser in its new location.


I chose to cover the main wall with wrapping paper from Marshalls ($2!) and some pink tissue paper I already had, along with some more wrapping paper (probably also from Marshalls at some point). I didn’t worry about getting the edges perfectly straight/even because it would all be covered with clothes anyway.


Here, you can see what I bought at the container store: a sweater organizer and a double hang closet rod. These two additions were MAJOR lifesavers!



I took a picture tonight of the finished closet because I never took one! It’s a little dark, but you can see that I ended up moving the double hang rod to the other side. It works better towards the front. The sweater organizer holds my camis/raceback tanks, some sweaters, all of my scarves, and some blankets. I also swapped out the majority of my hangers with green and grey velvet hangers I picked up on two separate occasions from two different Marshalls stores. You can also see my bin of sewing patterns and my pink zebra print fabric bin that holds misc. cords and all of the device cases I am not currently using. The bag on top of the dresser is a JoAnn reusable bag and it holds all of my leftover hangers.



Thanks so much for reading and I hope you like my closet makeover!





Pictures of My Hair today!

I thought I would pop back in and share a couple of photos of my hair after taking out the braids early this morning (Not the same ones from wash day, I redid them!). I also wanted to go ahead and post my DIY Deep Conditioner recipe since I keep mentioning it but never saying what’s in it!

My DIY Deep Conditioner:

In a mason jar, I put in some honey (not quite a tablespoon), about a tablespoon of olive oil, and a splash of coconut oil. Sometimes I will go ahead and mix this together first, but this time I didn’t. I also added a couple of teaspoons of tea tree oil. Then, I get whatever conditioner I can get my hands on (Pantene, Cantu, whatever), and fill the jar up about 1/2 to 3/4 full. Then, I add the lid and ring and shake, which results in a pale yellow creamy moisturizer packed with nutrients for my hair. I actually used this last night as my cream moisturizer, and sealed with grapeseed oil.




And the results:

IMG_2209 IMG_2211


My hair turned out SO CUTE!!!! I love it! I really took my time last night and it definitely paid off. It’s all springy and moisturized and it looks and feels great!


Thanks for reading!



I forgot to wash my hair!!!

Yes, it’s true. I missed my wash day last week. So, I decided to really pamper my hair this Sunday and really try to make up for my neglect — I wasn’t moisturizing properly every night either. Just so you can get an idea, here’s a before and after shot of the bun I wore all week:

Blog Post Photos 9-10-14

This week, I followed my pretty standard (by now) wash day routine:

  • Prepooed with Organics Hair Mayonnaise for about half an hour and rinsed out. I got distracted and my hair ended up drying most of the way….
  • Rewet my hair and cowashed with Lisa Rachel Conditioner and Cleanser with Olive Oil and Aloe. I massaged this into my scalp a bit (it tingles which I love!) and rinsed it out.
  • I followed this up with a tea rinse. I am out of green tea, and plan to buy black tea next, so I just used the regular old Lipton tea my mom buys. I blotted off the excess and left it in my hair.
  • I had already mixed a new batch of my DIY Deep Conditioner mix and couldn’t decide if I wanted to use that or my Organix Sea Mineral Moisture. I didn’t want to do another rinse out (because I had already done my tea rinse), so I went the DIY route and applied it all over my hair (in sections) and let it air dry for a couple of hours.

This is what it looks like in the jar. It’s such a creamy, pretty deep conditioner. I even use it as a moisturizer when I need a little extra on my ends.


  • Lastly, I spritzed my hair my DIY liquid leave in conditioner, applied tea tree creme to my scalp, Cantu shea butter to the length of my hair, and finished with grapeseed oil. I then braided my hair for some overnight curls.

Some more hair pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Blog Post Photos 9-10-141

This week’s theme for the #WashDayExperience was “Tried & True”, and these are the products I currently use to get awesome results every week.

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check out the other ladies involved in the link up by clicking the badge below!

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The Amazon Book Saga


I have been deliberating posting about this for a few days now, and I figured I should so it gets some exposure, and may be even opinions. I have almost acquired all of the books I need for this semester (there’s one left I’m having trouble getting due to a price increase), and then there is the one I was going to get though my school’s bookstore (it is no longer backordered and would be more convenient to pick it up there). But, I can’t seem to do that now.

**Note: All messages are copied directly from Amazon and have not been edited in any way. **

It all started on August 19th when I found the book I needed for about $30 on Amazon. I always check out the sellers to see if they’re worth dealing with. This seller appeared to only have one negative feedback in their seller lifetime, and one that was neutral but still bad. I figured I could look past it because all of the other, more recent feedback was really good! And I figured I wouldn’t have any problems. Boy, was I wrong.

The book was supposed to ship on Wednesday or Thursday two weeks ago. It hadn’t shipped by Friday, so I contacted the seller on Saturday.

“The page for my order says my book should have shipped already. Why haven’t you shipped it yet? I overlooked the estimated delivery as being reasonable given my last minute purchase for a class, but it still needs to be shipped out in a reasonable amount of time.”

No response. Now “Terri’s Treasured Memories” has in the description for the book “Tracking number with prompt shipping“. On Tuesday, I discovered the book was no longer backordered at the bookstore on campus, so I requested that the order be cancelled. Still no response from the seller.

“This item is taking too long to ship. I need this order cancelled so that I can acquire it elsewhere.”

Imagine my surprise during my break (my Thursday night class is about 3 hours long) when I receive an alert from my bank that I have a low balance. SURPRISE: The book has been shipped, two days after I sent my cancellation. I emailed the seller one more time. STILL no response.

“I cancelled this order! Why has it shipped??? I do not appreciate my emails being ignored.”

And once more, just a couple of days ago…with — surprise — no response.

Hello??? I know you answer customers, I read the reviews and feedback. Can you please answer one of my messages??? This order was supposed to be cancelled. Why have you charged me and shipped it two days after my cancellation notice???

According to Amazon, I can’t file a claim until the shipping window has passed, which isn’t until September 11th of all days. And I really don’t know what to do at this point because the book is supposedly on its way and I have already been charged. And, big surprise here, there is no available tracking information.

Amazon, we had a great thing going with Prime being so awesome and paying for itself over time, but the increasing cost next year and this poor treatment of a customer is really making me rethink who’s side you’re really on. Customer satisfaction is clearly not a top priority with all of your sellers and feedback is never a clear indication of a smooth transaction.

UPDATE: The book has arrived in the condition described. The only tracking info. I received was a shipment notification and then another the day it was delivered. I do still plan to complain because this order was meant to be cancelled and the seller failed to do so and never responded to any of my emails.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


I Got Nominated for a Liebster Award!!


*cue cheers*

I was nominated by kangopie for a Liebster Award! What is it, you ask? Well, it’s really about blog community involvement and helping out other small blogs, like mine. I’m so happy to be a part of this, as I am always looking to gain more exposure for my little home on the web. :) Without further ado, I must answer some questions:

She wanted to know:

1. How long does it take you to wash your hair?

Generally, only about 20-30 minutes. As far as ALL rinse outs  I do on my wash day, about an hour or so total. It’s the drying that takes forever! :)

2. What is your #1 hair tip?

Go with your gut. Don’t act on a whim with anything having to do with your hair. See #5….

3. What’s the craziest hair myth you ever heard?

Black people’s hair doesn’t grow. Come ON.

4. What is your #1 hair regret?

Relaxing my hair recently after I had made serious progress with my natural growth. Now I have to start pretty much from scratch!

5. What is your favorite kitchen product to put in your hair?

Grapeseed oil!!! And then my DIY deep conditioner has a base of honey, coconut oil, and olive oil.

6. Who is your current favorite blogger?

Just Grow Already! I also follow a DIY blog called Two Twenty One! Both are wonderful and I’m subscribed to their updates on Facebook so I don’t miss anything :)

7. When did you start your hair journey?

Roughly late 2012 – my first semester of college.

8. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed?

Texlaxed, and I only say that because I tried the “egg and vinegar strips relaxer” trick and it did work to a degree — some of my curls came back.

9. What is your current hair length goal?

As long as I can get it naturally! I WILL succeed in transitioning my hair! Those curls are too beautiful to ignore!

10. How long is your hair currently?

Above shoulder, that’s for sure. It’s been this length for several years. I just keep letting it grow and chopping it back down when I get too hot in the summers.

11. What is your favorite protective style?

Buns! I also love braiding overnight so I can still have curls whenever I want.


And my twelve random facts:

1. If I had only one app on my phone, it would be Pinterest.

2. I used to really hate cats.

3. I am terrified of snakes. And spiders.

4. I have had 6 hamsters, a rabbit, and a betta fish.

5. Two of said hamsters were both named Frisky.

6. My very handsome boyfriend is Mexican and a year younger than I am.

7. I want to be an English professor or school principal someday.

8.  I keep flopping between wanting three kids, to wanting one, to wanting none at all.

9. I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie when I was little.

10. I don’t tell customers at my job that  I understand Spanish because I like listening to their conversations to test my translating skills. (shh!)

11. I am horribly introverted until I get to know someone VERY well.

12. Not many of my friends know about this blog or my creative talents.

I nominate the following lovely ladies:

Pecan Pie & Pin Curls

The Random Phoenix – LOVE her shiny, silky hair!

Kreamy Curls


You ladies must answer (I didn’t change much):

1. How long does it take you to wash your hair (full wash day routine)?

2. What is your #1 hair tip?

3. What’s the worst product you’ve ever tried?

4. What is your #1 hair regret?

5. What is your favorite kitchen product to put in your hair?

6. Who is your current favorite blogger?

7. Why did you start your hair journey?

8. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed?

9. What is your current hair length goal?

10. How long is your hair currently?

11. What is your favorite protective style?


Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



DIY Flower Wall Art Project

The next project I decided to pull from my stash is my DIY flower wall art, which was created completely by accident. It’s very simple and easy to do, and can be made with materials you may already have laying around the house.


I started by gathering up a bunch of paper towel rolls and cutting them into rings. Then, I covered them in bright green masking tape and zebra print tape.


They looked a little plain (and I still has no idea where I was going with them at this point), so I decided to grab my nail polishes (I was out of paint at the time), and painted the insides in different colors. 2

Once they were all dry, I sorted them off by color and hot glued them in groups of four. I think this is the point where I figured out that these were going to be flowers. ;)


After the glue cooled, I hot glued the sections together into a random design. 4

I hot glued the entire thing to a piece of cardboard that I painted to match the other decor in the room and hung it up on the wall with push pins. Nails don’t work, it will fall off!!!


Thanks for reading!


Quick Bookcase Styling

I was going through my picture folders on my laptop today and realized I had alot of projects I never posted about! And here I was thinking I didn’t really have much to write about lately! So, I thought the first one I would share was my new bookcase and it’s styling.

I got a new bookcase a couple of months ago — I can’t believe I forgot about it! It’s a 5-shelf cheapo one from Walmart. I definitely should have gotten one at Target and paid the few extra dollars, because THIS THING. I have my scissors sharpener between it and the wall at the moment because it is LEANING. But, it does still look cute. I spray painted the inside gold and the outside light blue. The gold is scratched in places because I didn’t seal it and I’m lazy, and the blue is kinda sorta covered with green tape in a few places because I…..yeah…..I’m not getting into that. BUT. I will be repainting the outside eventually. If I can move it without it breaking. :)

Here it is before I styled it, with everything just kind of….everywhere:


This box is from Marshalls. Oh my goodness, it really does pay to go out of your city to another Marshalls! While my mom and I were visiting my brother about a half hour or so from home, I went into the Marshalls and found this little gem. I love the fact that it’s something I would totally put on a box like this if I made it myself! It holds product manuals and other things, I’m honestly not sure, as the box dictates. IMG_1514

After taking everything else off the bookcase, I relocated a few things to my little blue cabinet, and gave my green paper organizer a new home right on top. I realize it’s an expanding file, but it really does hold all of my different craft papers. IMG_1515

And here is the finished product. See how I hid the paper and cabinet behind my mirror? And oh, how I wish my newest addition was in the photo! I picked up a bright pink ‘N’ at Michael’s on clearance! It lives on the top shelf :) IMG_1516Thanks so much for reading!