Couponing without Coupons! – {CVS Trip}


I gotta say, I LOVE getting a really good deal without any coupons to start with! I purposely left my binder at home this week to keep myself from shopping at work, and I ended up getting a decent amount of stuff for very little money! I started with no coupons (any coupons new for the week I printed when I got to work), and I was on a strict budget, so I only planned to swipe my debit card once. Not everything is shown in the picture, because I ate part of it, forgot the drink in my car, and the chips are in a safe spot so I don’t forget them in the morning. I did three transactions, as follows:

Transaction #1:

Rescue Gum – $5.79, receive $5.79 ECB

Paid $5.79 + tax

Net: $0.00


Transaction #2:

CVS Panty Liners – $0.99, receive $0.99 ECB

Jack Links Beef & Cheese – $0.99

Vitamin Water – $1.50, receive $1.50 ECB

Gold Emblem Gummy Bears – $0.99

Hask Argan Oil Treatment – $1.99

Coupons Used: $5.79 ECB from Transaction #1

Paid $0.00

****When doing my math, my error was in the argan oil being in the wrong spot on the shelf (I didn’t double check the price, and it was lower than I thought), and I didn’t account for my employee discount.


Transaction #3:

CVS Nail Polish Remover – $0.49 (Clearance – 75% off!!!)

Colgate Optic White 3.5 oz  – $2.99

Lays Limon (Lime) chips – $1.49

Coupons Used: $2.49 Instant Coupon for toothpaste, $1.50 ECB from Transaction #2, $0.50 off Frito Lay Instant Coupon

Paid $0.18

I still have a $0.99 ECB leftover, so this was NOT a bad trip AT ALL! I netted $0.00! Woo hoo!!


Thanks SO MUCH for reading, and stay tuned for more posts coming soon!



Remember, Remember…

The fifth of….oh hey!

So, it has been almost a month since my last post and I honestly don’t know where the time went. ALOT has happened, and school has been kicking my butt, so hopefully over the Thanksgiving break, I can blog about some of it. To give a nice preview, I big chopped my hair after just 3 months of transitioning, I taught my first lesson plan ever, and I have changed my couponing mini binder over to a regular size binder as of last night!

I know, I know — the biggest part of that. My hair. Yes. The plan was to do it on my 21st birthday, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. My hair is SO SHORT but I love it and I felt no attachment to the hair in the sink and later the trash.

But, I will definitely share more soon, and I want to say thank you to my more recent followers that I’ve seen in my email, and thank you to those that have been following me for awhile now!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a relaxing week!



Some Clarification…

I had a comment (it was in Spam so who knows the origin) that expressed concern that my content and some of my photos were not my own. Yes, I did repost pictures and blog posts from other blogs and the pictures do have a different blog name on them, but they are from MY old blogs that I no longer post to. I even said at the top of some posts that they were reposts from my other blog(s), so people would know in advance that it was old content. Natasha Navigates Life, Five-Sixteen, etc. were all my blogs. That is all I will say on the subject. Thank you.


My Stockpile

Today, I thought I would share a current picture of everything in my stockpile. I took EVERYTHING out to do a much-needed inventory, and this is the result:


I currently have:

  • 2 Pantene shampoos
  • 2 packs of BIC disposable razors
  • 1 Venus+Olay Razor
  • 6 Bars of Soap
  • 5 Secret Clinical Strength deoderants
  • 7 body washes
  • 5 boxes of Kleenex
  • 4 mouthwashes
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 2 Oral B Floss
  • 1 Lotion
  • 1 Hair Skin and Nails Gummies
  • 1 pkg. of Wet Wipes
  • 6 Arm & Hammer detergents
  • 1 box of staples :)



I also did a last-minute coupon deal at work the other night. The Colgate Total toothpaste (2 HUGE tubes!) went on sale at CVS – Buy One, Get One Free, and since I got called in last minute and didn’t bother switching purses, I had my coupon binder with me and I was able to use two $1/1 coupons. I spent $2.49, or $1.24 per tube. I saved $6.49, or 72%!



Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for my next wash day around Wednesday and a new craft project from the “vault”!


More Couponing Antics

This was a really good week for oral care! I redeemed three rainchecks I have had for awhile, and while I had to make a last minute change due to not reading a coupon correctly, I still saved alot of money! I did three transactions at CVS and one at Walgreens, and I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. I decided to include my savings percentage from the receipts just because the numbers make me happy :)


CVS Transaction 1:

Buy (2) Colgate Total 1L Rinse

Raincheck: $5.99 each, Receive $2 EB on each

Used: 2 – $2/1 Coupons, $4 EB (Quarterly)

Paid $4.30 {saved 72%}

Received $4 EB

Net: $.30, or $.15 each

CVS Transaction 2: 

Buy (2) Colgate 360 Toothbrushes

Raincheck – $2.99 each, receive $2 EB on each

Used: 2 – $1/1 coupons, $4 EB from Transaction #1

Paid $0.00 (Lost $0.02 on the EB) {saved 133% ??}

Received $4 EB

CVS Transaction 3: 

Buy 2 Colgate Total 500mL Rinse

Raincheck – 2/$8.98, receive $3 EB

Used: $2/1 coupon, $1/1 coupon, $4 EB from Transaction #2

Paid: $2.14 {saved 80%}

Received $3.00 EB

Net: $0.00


Twix Bar – $0.99

Nice! Black Raspberry Sparkling Water – $0.99

Oral B Glide 3D White Floss – $1.07 each on clearance (orig. $4.29)

Used two $0.50/1 coupons for the floss.

Paid $3.37 {saved $70%}


In total, I spent $9.81, earned $11.00 in Extrabucks, and got $47.23 of oral care products (and misc.), saving me $. My net came out to be $0 thanks to those earnings, so go me for getting “free” stuff this week!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


My Latest Wash Day… #WashDayExperience

I’ve been bad with my hair. I went another week without washing again. However, based on the lack of shed hair and how smooth and silky my hair felt on Sunday after washing and drying, etc, I don’t think it hurt it too much :)



I chose to dye my hair today, and I knew I wanted a reddish tone, so I went with my go-to brand and color, Dark and Lovely Red Hot Rhythm. It processed in my hair for 20 minutes, and then I hopped into the shower to rinse it all out until the water ran clear, and then some. I have never had major bleeding issues with this dye, and I wasn’t starting anytime soon!


Next I applied the conditioner that came with the dye, and I seriously squeezed the ENTIRE tube into my hair! After rinsing, I co-washed with my new favorite, VO5 Tea Therapy Blackberry Sage Tea Conditioner. It left my hair feeling absolutely wonderful. I need to pick up more before Kroger stops their awesome sale price (I can’t seem to find this particular one at CVS or Walgreens, and I hate going to Walmart if I dont have to make the drive).


I decided to blow dry my hair since I haven’t in some time, and I applied my leave-ins beforehand. Before that though, I spritzed my scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar + Water, then sprayed each section with Aussie Hair Insurance and detangled. After drying, I straightened my hair and applied my Cantu Shea Butter and some coconut oil to seal. My hair was happy! I then applied Eco Styler gel to my edges and brushed it back, and tied them down with my scarf (thanks Jen @ Just Grow Already for this awesome tip!)


Now for the awesome hair pics…. *drum roll*

Talk about “need to fix that” in the back. That hair tends to shrink up badly and make my back appear less full. It’s definitely not thin city back there at all. However, my ends are no longer fried and dry, and way more manageable.  My hair came out so silky and felt SO GOOD against my fingers. I couldn’t stop touching it, but I knew I had to.




I chose to braid my hair for the night so I could have curls the next day:


Thanks so much for reading!


Coupon Crazy


I realized I haven’t posted a couponing trip in what seems like awhile. With my books being ridiculous this semester, I had to pull back alot on my spending, which meant taking a little break from couponing. I did some here and there, but I didn’t sit and plan things out like I usually do. Yesterday, I was able to score some detergent for when I move out of my parents’ house, and some hair gummies for now.

This trip was done at CVS, and went as follows….

Transaction 1: 

(2) Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Gummy Vitamins  {$7.79 each}

Sale: Buy One Get One Free

(3) Arm & Hammer Detergents {$7.29 each}

Sale: Buy One Get Two Free

(1) Starbucks Refreshers {$1.50}

Sale: Buy One, Get $1.50 Extrabucks

($38.95 value)

Coupons Used: 

2 – $2 off One Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Product {$4.00}

$2 off 2 Arm & Hammer

$3 off $15 Vitamin Purchase

$3 off $15 Purchase

Total Spent: ~$4.58 plus tax

Net: $3.08

After this, I decided I wanted to go ahead and get all six detergents like I had originally planned…

Transaction 2: 

(3) Arm & Hammer Detergents – Buy One Get Two Free

($21.87 Value)

Coupons Used: 

$2 off 2 Arm & Hammer

$1.50 EB from Transaction 1

$2 EB from old transaction

Total Spent: $1.93


Total Out of Pocket: $6.51

Coupons: $17.50

Total Savings (Sales and Coupons): $59.03

Product Value: $60.82


Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. :)