DIY Dramatic Side Dress


Hello, everyone! Today, I am sharing a dress project I did about a month ago, but I just now got the pictures together – I used two different cameras, plus with my laptop dying ( I know, I know) it was difficult to combine everything and get it all edited in a decent amount of time. The dress I chose to recreate was the Dramatic Side Dress, from ModCloth, pictured below:

DIY Dramatic Side Dress

When I saw it, I got excited, because I knew I had a skirt just like the one on the dress. I also knew I had a shirt I really wanted to use. Slightly different print and colors, but it would still be cute! So I grabbed these, along with the undamaged cotton lining of a thrifted maxi skirt that had seen better days.


I knew this skirt would have to be lined since the material is so sheer, so I laid the skirt out on my cutting board (cheapo cardboard one from WalMart), and laid the lining fabric on top of it. I folded down how much I wanted to cut off so that the lining would rest just under the waistband, and be about an inch or two shorter than the main skirt.


So, I chopped off the excess fabric and tossed it. I don’t usually keep scraps like this.


Set your machine to it’s longest stitch length, and run two rows of stitching about 1/4 inch apart. Do not backstitch at the beginning or end and make sure to leave long thread tails.


Tie the start threads on the outside together in a knot, and use one pair of bobbin threads (inside) to begin gathering your lining. I ended up pulling from both ends of my bobbin threads to keep it somewhat even.


Once it is all gathered up, I tied up my threads into a few knots and cut the excess thread. Leave a little wiggle room in case you need to adjust while pinning.


Pin your lining to your skirt, just under the waistband.


Stitch, turn, and press. I used white thread so you could see how un-straight my stitch was. Bummer.


I went and tried on the shirt I wanted to use and put a safety pin where I wanted the print to end and the skirt to begin. I chopped off the skirt about 3 inches below that to be safe. If you look closely, the safety pin is about in the middle of the photo.


Now pin the skirt and shirt right sides together, and stitch! Turn, press, and cut the excess shirt fabric out of the dress. Now go try on your new dress and marvel at your craftiness!


I love wearing this dress! It is so comfortable and versatile – I can wear it out during the summer, and when it gets cold again, I can wear my long sleeved white cardigan, or my short sleeved black cardigan, along with my silver flats! Or, I recently got a pair of black shoes with silver studs (less than $10 at Didi’s Discounts!). They would work perfectly! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “DIY Dramatic Side Dress

  1. Brenna says:

    This is so cute. I love your version. It is amazing what you can do with a sewing machine and a little know how. Stopping by from the Crafty Girl Link Party.

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