Glittery Shoe Obsession!!!

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend! I have to be honest, fireworks scare me terribly, but they sure are pretty to look at. In my downtime over the weekend, I did a little shoe-dazzling. Well, that’s what I’m calling it. It’s just some gold glitter fabric paint I found in my stash that I forgot about…on to the shoes!

First up, my pink Airwalks! They’re cute and pink, but still missing SOMETHING.


Aha! Yes, I used the little dollar fabric paint and a cosmetic sponge. That is paint on it, not makeup!


I started with the back of the shoes and worked my way around, so I could see how it looked in a small area…looking good so far.

IMG_1490I just draw some scribbles with the paint….


And use the sponge to smear it around!

IMG_1492Oh, yes, and of course I only got this completed picture. I forgot to take one with the gray laces in. Oops…


On to pair #2! These are my white City Sneaks that I hate wearing because it seems like they are ALWAYS dirty. And who wears dirty white shoes and looks cute?

I started with blue fabric paint on the front and back, letting it dry slightly before I smeared it so I could have a little bit of a design underneath the paint.


Then, I added some pink paint to the sides. Hmm it’s a little light…


So I did a second coat! Then, I added some green to the fronts and smudged the edges between the blue and pink sections. I also went ahead and colored the elastic since I kept getting paint on it anyway.


Finally, I added the gold glitter paint over the whole shoe and removed the tape! I let them dry and then they were ready to go!


Thanks so much for reading and be sure to come check out my future posts!



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