Today was a super slow Monday…

But when is Monday not slow? It was my brother’s birthday, and we made him a cake. However, we are still in the wake of finding out what happened with my mom’s Apple account. Either someone hacked into it or my niece is lying about using my mom’s password (she watched my mom put it in once and learned it). Either way, there is over $300 missing from my mom’s bank account that shouldn’t be. I just hope this gets resolved soon.

In other Apple news, my iPad mini has been “spazzing out” on me lately — not sure why. Any other apps work fine, generally. The Pinterest one occasionally closes out but I can go back in and keep browsing. The most issues I keep having is with the Safari browser and the Camera. They both keep closing out on me. And today, my iPad went BLACK. And would not come back on. I went to Google, and found an Apple support page that was very helpful. This coming the day after I see that a flight attendant died from an electric shock caused by using her iPhone while it was on the charger…scary. I definitely try not to use my phone while it is charging, but sometimes I have to because I have it on me all day, and it dies before I can get it to the charger at night.

I’m really leaning towards getting another Android phone when I upgrade again. Because as much as I can get frustrated with my phone some days, I love it. Some things about it are less complicated than with my iPad, so  I am glad I don’t have an iPhone at the moment and I don’t plan to own one for awhile. I figure I’ll get another iPod someday since mine is kinda old (one of the OLD shuffles), and the new nano look pretty sweet.

In usual blog news, I am probably going to downgrade the budget fashion posts to ust being shopping. I have done a couple of “refash” projects, but they’re just not turning out as well as I had hoped. I still lov budget shopping and will continue to do so, as well as posting my findings here. THAT I have to work on!

I still have DIY projects to post, and I feel terrible for slacking on that since the whole laptop fiasco when I was posting on Inside Natasha’s Head, but I will get it back in gear at some point!


Thanks for reading and letting me blather,




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