Prepping for the Fall Semester!

I am loving this whole class four days a week thing. I LOVE it. Especially when the professor decides to cancel class one day, and it happens to fall on the day of your dentist appointment!! Then, I there’s work all weekend, which is definitely not a complaint, because I am finally working to earn money and I work with some really great people who I feel comfortable asking for help when I need it. Naturally as with anyone else getting ready to have money, I keep thinking of things I want to buy. Obviously, I can’t buy everything that comes to mind, and some of it is unnecessary and silly to even think of needing at all.

But, fall school supplies are important. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t easily get expensive and unnecessary! For example, going from the cheapo 10 cent notebooks from Wal-Mart to a customized May Book that costs $23! Um, well, I actually might get both. I’m trying to decide everything now, so I can order it as soon as possible since the custom stuff will take about two weeks and I want everything before the semester starts!

I hope to have my list up soon, which has things I want for school along with things that would be nice to have, but will need to wait a little while. Thanks for stopping by!



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