‘Tis Begun….

IMG_1824 It’s official – it’s time to start replacing items and transitioning my wardrobe. Even though it is still unbearably hot some days, I know the colder weather will be here before we know it! I had planned for my next paycheck to go towards replacing the nonworking CD player in my car but since I am down two pairs of pants, this seemed more pressing. I have been following J’s Everyday Fashion for awhile now and I LOVE that blog! I have gotten many, many ideas from her posts and made a list of items I want for my closet.

I am deeply saddened by the fact that my red AND purple skinnies have worn through. I mean, I knew it was coming, but I had hoped it just wouldn’t happen to these specific pants. *sad face* But I figured it was perfect to blog about! Here is my original list:


bloglist1I obviously do not need all of this right away, so I set about choosing the essentials (besides what to be urgently replaced), and ended up with this list:


Much more manageble, and not too crazy – except for the flats 🙂

I have also decided, speaking of shoes, to cover any new shoe boxes I get, because the hanging organizer on my door is quickly filling up! I have shoes that need to be replaced, but I can’t part with them just yet! But as soon as the new pair is bought, they will be uneventfully tossed into the round file.

And with that note, I will also share my other shopping list for this week. The last time I made one of these lists, I price matched and got everything at CVS, simply because of the store coupons I already had. I watched over $50 worth of stuff drop to $28!  I feel like with the good deals I keep finding in different stores, I am going to be hoarding body wash! I have a pretty good stash going already, and I am going to add to it since the Nivea is on sale right now locally. Along with that, I will be getting:


Thanks SO much for reading, it’s always appreciated! I love reading your comments!



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