A Play-By-Play of What’s Wrong with the iPad Bashing Commercial

The kickstand

Is it adjustable? If it’s a bad angle to read the screen, then it’s a moot point to criticize over. They make angled cases for both tablets.

USB ports

Why do you need USB capabilities on an iPad? They make accessories in the event that you need to connect something to it, but that’s not typically what these are bought for.

The Keyboard

This is the main thing that annoyed me. It even says in small print at the bottom that the keyboard for the tablet is sold separately. Only theirs is $120. My Bluetooth keyboard cost about $25 for my iPad from Amazon.

Model Type

Yes, they use comparable memory sizes, but they also only show the Surface RT. I wanted a Microsoft Surface. I think it’s pretty neat. I almost got it instead of a new laptop. Until I saw that the one I really wanted is about $900. For less than that, I got my HP Envy and an iPad mini.

Overall, I despise these commercials because it is false advertising. Apple doesn’t need to do this with their commercials, for obvious reasons. And yes, Siri, I still think you’re pretty.


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