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I have alot of respect for this woman. I found her blog last night, and when I saw this post, I immediately bookmarked it so I can read it whenever I am feeling “fat” (God, I hate that word so much). I try so hard to be comfortable with my extra weight – people keep trying to say, “You look great” or “You look so skinny”, and I know I’m not. And I don’t want to be. I saw a girl a couple of weeks ago who is the size I wanted to be. She looked like she might wear a 2. But I like wearing a 12. I would rather have curves and some belly flab than have a “perfect”, straight up and down shape with apple size boobs. I eat healthier now than I ever have, and I still weigh exactly the same. I tried the whole diet and exercise thing 3 years ago, and the weight crept back plus some over time because it became too much. If my parents saw this, they would probably think I am just being lazy and making excuses not to exercise. I LOATHE exercising. L-O-A-T-H-E. I do enough running around on campus, to and from work, and behind my nieces, nephew, and brother at home.

But you know what? I can comfortably say that I am a petite 5’1″, I wear a size 12, and I’m happy with myself, finally, after years of teasing and bullying about my weight from my skinny peers. At least when I wear curvy jeans, they have something to curve around.

Thank you.


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