31 in 31 Week One Recap

I was gone all day yesterday. I worked a morning shift at my job, then I had to go run some errands with my brother for my niece’s birthday. I did not get home until after 7, and it was storming horribly. It wasn’t until 2AM when I was trying to fall asleep that I realized I forgot to do this post. And I told myself I would get up this morning and post it ASAP. I didn’t get up until 1 in the afternoon. Then I remembered my car needed gas, so I went to do that. Then, I remembered I have  a paper to finish for English that’s due Friday. So, after I post this, I can get to work on it some more. 🙂 And just to clarify, it’s not a true 31 in 31 challenge due to the fact that I can never guarantee a unique outfit on the weekend – I’m lucky if I make it out of my PJs!

Without further ado:

Day 1

Sequined Tank/Cami: Old Navy/Forever 21

Pants: WalMart

Shoes: TOMS

Watch: WalMart clearance

Headband: CVS

Day 2

Bow-Back Top/Cami: Ross/Forever 21

Jeans: WalMart

Shoes: Forever 21

Day 3

Top: Image

Shorts: DDs Discounts

Shoes: TOMS

Day 4

Top: WalMart

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Payless

Purse: Wilson’s Leather Accesories

Bow Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

Earrings: WalMart


Thanks so much for reading, I apologize for the day late post, and stay tuned for next week!



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