31 in 31 Week Two Recap

What is with me waking up so late on the weekends now? All I can say about it now is that the week recap will be up over the weekend, and probably Sunday. Saturday seems to be my only day off in the midst of chaos.

Also, I’ve been having issues getting the pictures from my phone to my computer. Too bad I don’t like using Instagram on my iPad, or it would be okay…

College-wise, I found out my degree plan got discontinued. I was really discouraged when I found out I am behind a little, and will have to take some extra classes at a community college.  I thought I was on track until my degree plan changed and some things had to move around a bit. But at least I know everything will pay off in the end, as the end result will be the same: I’m going to be a teacher 🙂

Annnnnd drum roll for Week Two:

Day Five:


Shirt – Old Navy, $15(?)

Cardigan – Worthington, gift

Boots – Merona (Target), $40

Jeans – WalMart, $14

The scarf I was going to wear with it is there on the floor – it was too warm for it.


Day Six:


Shirt – Unknown, gift

Jeans – WalMart

Boots – Target


Day Seven:



Dress – Old Navy, $10 (It was on sale!)

Shoes – TOMS, $50


Day Eight:


Shirt – campus bookstore, $15

Jeans – Thrifted, $3

Shoes – Payless, $17-ish


Day Nine:



Cardi – Worthington, gift

Dress – DIY, about $10 to make.

Shoes – DD’s Discounts, $10


Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful week!



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