Happy Almost Halloween! {Update}

Hello All,

I apologize for totally going MIA on the 31 in 31 Challenge. I have NOT repeated a single outfit, and am quite proud of myself. I feel bad I haven’t had time in the mornings to take the pictures for the blog or Instagram. I found some sweet new combinations to try, and more that I thought of throughout the month. I’ve been working on some new projects that are Pinterest related, and just various other things on top of work and school.

And just to stand on a soap box for a minute, I find it rude when someone asks how many hours I work each week, and I tell them only 12 and they think I have nothing else to do but work those 12 hours.Β I’m also a full time student taking 16 hours this semester. I have to balance that with other things, and I get insulted when I’m told it’s nothing, usually by people who have never been in the same situation. End of rant.

But relating to it, I do have to work on Halloween. I decided to plan a small Halloween party for my little brother, nieces and nephew since they can’t go trick or treating since I usually am the one to take them. Menu-wise, here’s what I have planned:

Dirt Cupcakes – A customer gave me the idea for a cake like this, but I also saw the cupcakes on Pinterest! I am going to use my favorite chocolate cake mix to make delectable chocolate cupcakes, and give each one a generous topping of chocolate frosting. Then, I will top each one with crushed Oreos and spooky gummy worms (at CVS!), along with some little ghost sprinkles. I found the little set of cupcake cups and picks on sale at JoAnn πŸ™‚

Friendly Jack Cookies – Bright Orange sugar cookies with piped chocolate frosting details. I may or not decide to make layered cookies with a special surprise inside! (Also seen on Pinterest via not martha)

Halloween Hand Treats – Saw it on Pinterest ( see a theme here?) and LOVED it!! Surgical gloves with Smarties in the fingers and filled the rest of the way with other sweets! I used Krabby Patties in mine when I made them today, because these kids LOVE those things!

Spooky Marshmallow Pops – I knew for sure I did not want Halloween to be my first venture into cake pops, so I chose something a little more foolproof πŸ˜‰ I’m just making some simple cake pops – some Frankenstein, some Jack-O-Lantern, and some plain with sprinkles.

Candy Apple Slices – These kids will not be able to handle a whole apple to themselves. So, I’m going to slice up some tart apples and swirl them in homemade candy coating. Isn’t candy fun to make? πŸ™‚

I’m also going to put “costumes” on juice boxes and make some (not well-made) garbage bag spider webs. I already made some cute mini ghosts with tissue paper and cotton, and all the kids each got to decorate a balloon that will be taped to his or her chair at the party! This is looking to be a fun night for us, and a perfect substitute for going out trick-or-treating. All they care about is candy, and I got them candy πŸ˜‰

Have a spooky Halloween week!



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