Hello, November!

Today, I want to share an ugly bathroom. I have been planning for months to redo the upstairs bath in my parents’ house (where I am living while I am in college, of course), and the one thing that always got me stuck was choosing colors that would work in there! I finally chose colors for this one and the downstairs half-bath, and I will share ugly photos of that one later.

Here is a view from inside the tub (got that photo idea from I Heart Organizing!):

I’m really sick of the green. When we moved into this house, everything was GREEN. The walls, the carpet — it was terrible. So, when my mom decided she wanted this bathroom to be green, I was surprised. I am going to change this to a soft gray.


And then this shower curtain – bleh. I want to get a nice black one. I saw a photo on Pinterest where they used two shower curtains and it looked pretty fancy — which I like. 🙂
Then under the sink, I just want to paint the inside the same soft grey and line the bottom to really pull it all together. Isn’t my small stockpile coming along nicely? 🙂
and there is more stuff I am stocking up on in here! I am going to do this little cabinet the same way as the other one – inside grey, lined shelves.

And then this monstrosity of a mirror! If you have seen this pin on Pinterest, this is what I want to do with it! I literally has my ipad up to my face to take this picture because it’s so huge! The fish are O-U-T, as well.
It doesn’t look so bad from floor level. Eh. The floor needs a REALLY good scrubbing, and the mats are going to be replaced with some bold color.
And these are simply going to be spray painted, along with the toilet paper holder, in a metallic color that is yet to be chosen.
and these are going in the garbage. The one over the toilet will be replaced with a shelf (or shelves, or a cabinet – not sure yet), and the one opposite from it is going to be replaced by a picture – the craft stores usually have some clearance paintings, and if all else fails, I will brave Wal-Mart and get something. Although, HomeGoods is becoming more and more worth the drive. I have two within 30 minutes of me and I now have an excuse to go find the other one. 🙂


Thanks so much for reading and looking at my ugly bathroom! I probably won’t have it done in a week’s time like Jen over at I Heart Organizing, but once I get started, I will knock it out in as short a time as possible, while still doing everything properly! 🙂

Happy Sunday, and have a great week! Tomorrow I will share my favorite bargain from the past week. I’m hoping to make that a regular thing!



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