Countdown to Christmas!!

I am so excited for Christmas this year!!! I just put the tree up today — blame my hectic schedule: working, preparing for finals, and just being really tired all the time. Some people may be wondering why my mom doesn’t do it. Simple: I like putting the tree up, and I feel like I have a right to do so. I realized the other day that I am the only one out of 4 kids to not have gotten to celebrate Christmas as a child. My brother and sister did, and my dad put a stop to it because he got cheap and they got greedy. My mom finally started doing it again just for my little brother, my nieces and my nephew so they could get to experience it. I may feel cheated now, but I do feel good about them getting to see what Christmas is like. Besides, today it snowed. And it’s December,and everything finally feels right with the world.

Even though when there’s a chance of a winter storm, Texans seem to go into apocalypse mode….weirdos 😉 ON to the pictures!!!


Isn’t  it just the perfect day to go swimming? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…


We got a new tree this year! We started off with a 3 foot two years ago, got a 4 foot last year, and I convinced my mom to get the 6 foot this year! I love this one, and it was so much more fun to be able to put the lights and decorations on myself instead of it coming prelit and BORING.


I searched in the attic for our gold tree skirt and still haven’t found it. Fingers crossed it’s somewhere in the house, but I went ahead and spent my day sewing up another one! I LOVE this tree skirt! I stretched and rolled some random white fleece I had in my fabric bin and wrapped it around the base, almost like snow 🙂 The skirt has ribbon ties, and is my first attempt at binding a circle! 

Thanks so much for reading, God bless, and have a safe weekend!



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