Things College Has Taught Me So Far…

Wow, I really thought I would get a chance to blog more. I’ve been so exhausted with working until midnight the past week, and getting through the stress of rescheduled exams that this area always suffers first. I’ve been going crazy sorting through tons of papers and junk in my room, trashing things, consolidating little note papers into legible, useful things, and I have gotten rid of so much trash! I did a little painting (mostly touch up) in my room and it’s looking alot better! I wanted to do my trim as well, but the paint dried out in the can! I guess I let it sit too long :/ So, now I need to remember to get another can of high gloss black latex paint. (Can you tell this is my reminder to myself?)

Throughout all of this chaos, I have been taking notes on what to do next semester. I’m halfway done with my SOPHOMORE year of college!!! This is insane! It’s almost time for me to start taking the classes for my MAJOR. *gasp* Sadly, I did fail one of my classes this semester, and it’s the first one I have failed since I’ve been a student at UTA. It SUCKS MAJORLY. I can’t get over it! I know I can take something else next summer at a community college, but it’s just that I shouldn’t have to. I already know why I got the grade I earned in that class, and I know I need to buckle down for this upcoming semester, so ALL of my grades come out strong this time.

Although college has stressed me out incredibly, it has taught me some things:

  1. Tutoring doesn’t always help. I went to free tutoring for my government class, and I ended up making the same grade on my next test with this help as I did without it. So, naturally, I stopped going, and did fine in the class.
  2. OH MY GOODNESS GO TO CLASS. There was a class I skipped a few times, and I regret it so much now, because there was information I studied that he ended up taking off the study guide! And, some of the questions would have been obvious to answer had I been there for his lecture! In another class, since I was there constantly, my professor knew me and all of us regulars voted for a retest on an exam we all did badly on. You’re welcome, people who only showed up on test day.
  3. Continuing point #2, how is it possible to keep up with the class if you don’t show up at all? I just couldn’t see doing that. I only did that when I DROPPED a class that was too difficult. I just don’t understand it.

Stay tuned for Part 2!! Hopefully before the end of the year, but at this rate I don’t know… *awkward laugh*


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