DIY Envelope System Dividers

Just in time for the New Year, I decided to make my own envelope system dividers to *hopefully* help curb my spending even more! There were a couple of moments when I felt like I didn’t even have a job because I didn’t have anything to show for it. But, I strapped down and fixed my savings a little this past payday, and I am already situating myself on the right track.

I debated buying one of the little wallets on Etsy, or just making one of my own. Then, I saw a listing for some custom dividers, and realized DUH, make your own dividers for your wallet, silly.

So I did.


I started by measuring the depth and length of the slot in my wallet where the green stuff goes. Mine came out at about 2.75″ deep and 6.25″ long.


Then, I traced a dollar bill onto a sheet of legal paper (first thing I grabbed) and cut it out. Then I added a little strip, and drew and cut a tab. DSCN4580

Then, I stabilized it with index cards and taped all of the edges. I’m very high tech, can you tell? DSCN4581

Then, I made two more, actually remembering to trace the tab in the different locations! With my crappy memory, I still managed to do this part right! 🙂 DSCN4582

Then, I covered one side with pretty wrapping paper that I picked up for $2 at Marshall’s (gotta love those After-Christmas deals!), making sure to cut slits around the tabs so it would all go down nicely. DSCN4583

Then, I traced the other side of the divider onto another piece of wrapping paper and glued it on, trimming it to fit. Repeat two more times, and you’re done!DSCN4584I labelled mine with a Sharpie and put them in my wallet, and voila! I love it! They look adorable, and they color coordinate beautifully.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s!!



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