UPDATE: I have started posting my novel here:

I have decided to start putting some of my writings online again. I used to write occasionally (read: not much) on, all Phil of the Future stuff. I was going to put a couple of writings on FictionPress, but I haven’t decided for sure yet if I want to do that, or just post my chapters on my other blog, Five-Sixteen (the one I had before this one), which is still up and running. I am leaning more towards FP, to get a bigger audience (somewhat) and for the convenience and familiarity of the publishing format.

However, there is more freedom with publishing on my other blog, mostly with language. I do use some words in my stories that I don’t want to have to edit out, so it would easier for me to publish it on my own blog. There are alot of options popping into my right now, I just need to choose the best one.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it!


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