Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Hello, All! I hope this post finds you well. I made this cover awhile back, and I simply kept putting off postiIMG_2234ng about it because I didn’t want to wait for the pictures to upload šŸ™‚

For the hall of shame (Pinterest fails, anyone?), here is my old cover. I never stitched the lining in place, and the ribbon trim along the bottom is glued on. It was a major hassle to get it on and off when I needed to. However, IĀ  saw some pretty bright pink chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby, and I knew that my old cover had to go!


For my new cover, I cut a front and back roughly the length and height of my machine, with an extra 1/2 inch for a seam allowance, as well as a long strip roughly the length of the sides and top of my machine. I also cut these same pieces from some solid purple cotton I bought that same day šŸ™‚ I then took a front (or back, who knows?) piece and the long strip, and pinned and stitched it together. I went ahead and completed these assembly steps on the purple pieces as I went along.


Then, I pinned and stitched the other piece on. Again, I repeated this for the purple lining. Press open all seams, turn right side out, and press again. IMG_2259

This is the result if you just place the outer piece on your machine. Since my last cover was a little short, I left this extra length. IMG_2260

Next I placed my two pieces right sides together and pinned all around the bottom. Sew this all the way around. Now, you’re probably wondering “That can’t be right, how am I supposed to turn this thing??” Well…IMG_2262

Once you stitch the bottom, rip a small hole with your seam ripper (or cut one with scissors) into your lining , and pull the outer layer through this hole. Press as best as you can. IMG_2264

Now, push the lining up into the cover, pin the bottom to keep it still, as well as he four side seams. Top stitch all of these to keep the fabric from shifting. Naturally, I messed this step up, so I have to be mindful of which side of my cover is visible. IMG_2265

Next, I took about a 6 inch strip of fabric, and folded it in half, and ironed it. Then, I opened it again, folded each edge to the center fold, and pressed that. IMG_2267

Then, I stitched it all the way around, and pinked the ends. Isn’t it cute? IMG_2271

I then took my ruler and marked the center top of my cover. I pinned the center and each end in place and stitched a box and and X on each end to secure the strap. Super easy, right? IMG_2275

Put it on your machine, and you’re done! Pat yourself on the back and take lots of pictures!IMG_2276

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to share if you liked this post!



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