Couponing: A College Student’s Perspective {Repost}


I never watched Extreme Couponing. I knew what it was and how it worked (somewhat) but I never wanted to do it. When I became a cashier, I started to resent it a little because of the work involved – reading the coupons, processing them, keying in the ones that refuse to scan – nervewracking, sometimes. I understand they are saving money, but my goodness, the work and organization involved makes my head spin!

I rarely used coupons because I always forgot I had them. But being in college, it’s every student’s cry that we are broke. Between paying for books, tuition, and keeping gas in the car, it really adds up. Sometimes I forget I have a job because it feels like I never have any money for the things  I want. So being able to get a good deal sometimes with a coupon helps out alot, but you won’t see me with a pouch full of Extrabucks and a wallet full of cash. Well…the wallet full of cash would be nice.

I do better when I plan my trip ahead of time, but I still do pretty well with little pre-organizing. I am just now starting to request rainchecks on items (which I should have done way before now!), and I feel like they’re more valuable than any coupon. It must be the lack of expiration date.

And I can’t talk about couponing without highlighting the cashier’s perspective. I just have a few things to say, I swear…

  • Please don’t be rude to me. I try to be nice to every customer, including extreme couponers and smokers.
  • I know how to read a coupon, and I can spot the frauds. If it’s expired or not for the right item, I’m not taking it. And  I do count to see how many of one coupon you give me.
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP STAPLING YOUR COUPONS TOGETHER!!!! This really irks me, and makes zero sense. If I rip your coupon, and it won’t scan, what do you expect me to do? (Refer to point #1)
  • Please hand me ALL of your coupons. Don’t hand them to me one by one, because then I’m getting suspicious.
  • Don’t try to trip me up. This needs no explanation. Shame on you.
  • Please don’t bring me NEXT WEEK’S ad demanding I adjust the price of what you bought “because it’s about to go on sale”. Nice try.

Annnnnd off my soapbox. Thank you for reading, and I hope you had a relaxing weekend.





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