Couponing Trip #2 – 7/11/2014 {Repost}


Couponing July 2014

NOTE: This is a repost from my other blog.

I got everything in the above picture for just $14.29 from CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens. The original value before sales and coupons was $54.52. Once again, I didn’t do such a bad job. I spent more in Walgreens than I had originally intended, but I spent less in CVS due to a coupon loaded to my card that I forgotten about. Talk about a great deal! Since my couponing was broken down between two stores and I used a coupon that took from my subtotal, I will break it down a little differently than last time:
Walgreens – $10.92
Dial Body Wash
Bought 2 at $5.49 each
Sale: Buy One Get One Free
**Note: I could’ve easily gotten 3 for the same price, but I left my other coupons at home! Couponer Mistake for sure. But I love when this stuff goes on sale so I couldn’t resist. And it was too hot to get back into my car to go back home for one little coupon. I love saving money, but I’m not going to risk passing out to do it.**
Cost: ~$1.74 per bottle (with iBotta credit)
Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions
Bought 2 at $7.99 each
Sale: Buy One Get One Free
Coupon – Save $2 on one Optimal Solutions product
Coupon – Save $1 on one Nature’s Bounty vitamin
Cost: ~$2.49 per bottle
Submitted receipt to iBotta, received $1.00 credit; completed bonus (redeem two Dial offers) and received another $1. Therefore, final cost was $8.92.
CVS/pharmacy – $3.37
BIC Disposable Razors
Bought 2 @ 4.49 each
Sale: Buy One Get One 50% off
Coupon – save $2 on one BIC disposable razor pack (x2) {$4.00}
Cost: ~$2.74, or $1.37 each = $.13 per razor
Secret Clinical Strength 
Bought 2 @ $8.99 each
Sale: Buy One Get One 50% off (Counted towards gas card)
Coupon: $4 off 2 Secret Clinical Strength deodorants
CVS Coupon: $5 off two clinical deodorants
Cost: ~$4.49 or $2.24 each
I also had a $4 off $20 purchase coupon loaded to my card, bringing my final total (way) down to $3.37. I was pretty happy because I was able to pay cash!

Thanks for reading!

– Natasha


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