My Healthy Hair Journey

NOTE: This is a repost from my other blog.

My goal of getting my hair not only the length it was when I was in seventh grade, but even longer has been quite a task. One of my friends actually chopped off a good bit on one side of my head in 8th grade while playing around with a pair of scissors ( we don’t talk much anymore). My cousin’s hands in my head resulted in a ‘relaxer gone wrong’, my hair continued to break off and I was at my shortest in my sophomore year of high school I believe. I hated my hair. It was so short and I got made fun of for it on a constant basis.

Trying to Work it
Here I am, in all my non-glory. I was also battling some issues with the skin around my mouth becomng discolored, but more about my skin in another post.
I really tried to work with having such short hair, but I was so unhappy. I got bullied enough without this to add to it. I hated that I couldn’t even wear a simply ponytail. By the time I got to college however, I had the length below. How, I have no idea with how crappily I was caring for my hair. Either way, it still wasn’t quite long enough for me.
College 2College
Now, after my second year of college, I had already done some research on going fully natural to really get my hair growing. I lasted as a transitioning natural for maybe two weeks? If that…I didn’t last long. I knew I would have a long term relationship with the creamy crack. I had a regimen of sorts up to this point, and have only recently changed it with amazing results after the first couple of days! My old regimen was not the best, and it wasn’t every consistent. at times I went 2 or 3 weeks without washing my hair, and it aways felt so weighed down from slathering on various greases! I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to really grow my hair to great lengths…well, at least to Armpit Length.
I know….Really bad, right? And yet since I was also taking a hair, skin, and nails vitamin, my hair was still growing! I was also experimenting with different relaxer brands throughout. I also dyed my hair probably 5 times. I was ALSO hot combing my edges at times because at times I couldn’t afford the relaxer so I pressed my edges to hide that fact.
I haven’t used a relaxer in months. I just started this regimen yesterday and my hair already feels better, and so much softer. It was alot of work and took all day, but it was so worth it.
My Current Hair Progress:
While this is not the most current, it’s pretty close to where my hair is now. I’ve switched to the Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions as of a couple of days ago – they’re gummies and super delicious. I was bummed when I got home and found a $2 off coupon for them, but I can still use my raincheck for when they were BOGO Free at another store!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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