{Room Makeover DIY} Memory Board Makeover {Repost}

Hello, All! Today, I wanted to share with you my memory board makeover. It began as a plain ivory ribbon board I picked up at a junk sale a few years ago. I got a rabbit some months after that (who I no longer have, sadly), and she chewed it and possibly urinated on it. So even though I cleaned it the best I could, it’s still horribly stained. So my solution was to cover it with my old Happy Bunny flat sheet and use the parts to my homecoming mum to decorate it. Those of you who have made your own mum know how expensive they are to make — it’s hard to just toss that stuff out! Later on down the road, it began to hold jewelry. Which brings us up to speed to this:


To makeover my board, I used 2 different types of 3/8 inch ribbon, a stapler, a pillow sham that matches my comforter, pins, scissors, and I had my little box handy to hold my jewelry and such while I worked. You can use hot glue for the assembly if you like, but I was running low on glue sticks and the stapler is faster and more satisfying to use – excellent stress relief!

I started by removing all of the jewelry and hair accessories and placing them off to the side in the little box.

Then, I ripped of the fabric. I was going to remove each piece of ribbon, but I realized I didn’t have to, as it all came away in one piece. Do you see what I mean about the late Daphne now? Plus, the missing ribbon…which I believe she chewed off…it’s funny how this board was used to block her from scratching/chewing my wall, and yet she managed to totally destroy this board AND my carpet!


I separated the front and back pieces of the sham *carefully* and the whole thing came apart pretty quickly once I started snipping away. I now have some gold piping for whatever and the backing is on its way to the scrap bin! I laid out the large piece and smoothed it out before setting the board on top.


Now staple, staple, staple! And maybe stop part way down one of the sides to refill your stapler because you forgot to check it before you started….or is that just me?


To do the corners, I just grabbed the fabric up and put 4 staples over the edges to keep it in place. Then, I took a hammer and tapped over all of the staples to be sure they would stay.


Trim away the excess fabric…


I used gold and mint ribbon to tie into my room’s color scheme. It really looks lovely. I stapled it with about three staples on each end and tapped them down with the hammer as well. I also tapped the staples on the hanging ribbon as I chose to leave it on.


And here is the little beauty along with some elementary school clay work (wow those are both almost ten years old now…) and a street sign I got from a friend – her grandparents had them in their garage and no longer wanted them. But it looks so cool on my wall!


But then, I still have my flower I used…I can’t bear to throw it away, so I separated it from the other two layers and hot glued it to my lamp! I also added some mint ribbon to it. I got this lamp from Target on clearance for around $6.


As always, thank you SO MUCH for reading and have a wonderful day!




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