{Tutorial}: CD Organization {Repost}

NOTE: This is a repost from my other blog.

I desperately needed some control over my CD/DVDs/video games. It’s too much – the cases, the little books, ALL of it. So I picked up a cute little storage box from Staples (under $20 and it came with sleeves!). It holds 80 discs, and I have about 60, so it’s a perfect fit for future movies and games – I’m not much of a music CD buyer anymore. I love iTunes and the Amazon Music Store and get most of my music through them now. However, I do still buy movies so I have physical copies to watch.

My station before I got started – the box, all the CDs/DVDs, Martha Stewart labels, and my blue Walmart bag, FULL of cases.


Here is a closeup of the labels I used, available here. (Blue, Pink, Green, Cappuccino)


“I’ll Help You Get Organized”

Oh, will you really? I really need to be organized, so keep your promise!!!


Annnnnd here’s the mess: laptop for checking CD’s that I don’t know what’s on them or even if they work. Which this lasted for 3 discs, since my laptop is super picky about which discs it chooses to read – I think it’s still jealous over me getting an iPad 😉 ; cases out (most on the floor), clipboard so I can sit in my rolling chair to write mini track listings and code labels (for The Sims games); just a MESS.


My mini track listing paper, and the labels for the games codes.


My two guilty pleasures 🙂 I found the booklets fit easily behind the discs, and the track listings were put in front of those discs, so I can just glance and choose.


My work area after I was finished.


My mess I have to deal with. You can see my nephew’s feet as he surveys the mess as well.


But it’s done, everything I need to toss is in a big box to go out on recycle/garbage day, so I won’t have to see or deal with it anymore.


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