This Week’s Wash Day #30DaysWithoutSplitEnds

This week, I am making some changes (and I did a little shopping!) to combat my split ends. I’m also trying to inject my hair with as much moisture as possible this summer because the heat combined with me lightening my ends has it DRRRRRRYYYYYY as a bone.

Here’s my hair before I started. See how dry my ends are? UGH.


Here is my usual regimen, with the changes for the next month or so:

  • Prepoo with Organics Hair Mayonnaise. I didn’t participate in the 30 Days with Ceramides Challenge, so I’m also incorporating ceramide-containing products to help my hair along.
  • Shampoo with Hask Argan Oil Shampoo and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Apply Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Moisture Surge Deep Treatment and leave in for 45 minutes. I LOVE this stuff so much! I am a sucker for a good conditioner that makes my hair feel silky and light and moisturized, and this one fits the bill perfectly!
  • Rinse out D.C. and spritz Apple Cider Vinegar and water mixture on scalp. I then apply my leave-ins and wrap in a t-shirt for an hour. For this month, I am using Dr. Miracle’s Leave In Conditioner as my liquid, Organix Argan Oil Extra Penetrating Oil, and Cantu Leave-In Conditoning Repair Cream.
  • After my hair is about 80-90% dry, I trimmed my ends a little.  Okay, actually, I went ahead a cut a little bit off. I applied my L.O.C. products. Liquid – DIY mix I am in love with, Oil – Grapeseed oil (another ceramide), Cream – more Cantu.

Here’s my hair after all my rinsing, and after t-shirt drying, and just before cutting.


During the week I will be constantly assessing my hair, especially my ends, so I can keep everything happy and moisturized. If my ends dry out (which they will), I will do the baggie method like I did just last week – I use my own DIY mix applied liberally to ends and cover it with a sandwich bag and leave it in for a few hours. When I take off the bag, my ends are hydrated and feel really soft. This helps for a day or two usually.

My hair after trimming and cutting, but not completely dry, hence the flat appearance. Bye bye, split ends!!



My hair is so fluffy and soft right now, and I love it! It’s all bouncy and swingy with my little hair cut, and I hope it’s slightly easier to maintain and go about in the heat this week.

Until next time!




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