DIY Flower Wall Art Project

The next project I decided to pull from my stash is my DIY flower wall art, which was created completely by accident. It’s very simple and easy to do, and can be made with materials you may already have laying around the house.


I started by gathering up a bunch of paper towel rolls and cutting them into rings. Then, I covered them in bright green masking tape and zebra print tape.


They looked a little plain (and I still has no idea where I was going with them at this point), so I decided to grab my nail polishes (I was out of paint at the time), and painted the insides in different colors. 2

Once they were all dry, I sorted them off by color and hot glued them in groups of four. I think this is the point where I figured out that these were going to be flowers. 😉


After the glue cooled, I hot glued the sections together into a random design. 4

I hot glued the entire thing to a piece of cardboard that I painted to match the other decor in the room and hung it up on the wall with push pins. Nails don’t work, it will fall off!!!


Thanks for reading!



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