Quick Bookcase Styling

I was going through my picture folders on my laptop today and realized I had alot of projects I never posted about! And here I was thinking I didn’t really have much to write about lately! So, I thought the first one I would share was my new bookcase and it’s styling.

I got a new bookcase a couple of months ago — I can’t believe I forgot about it! It’s a 5-shelf cheapo one from Walmart. I definitely should have gotten one at Target and paid the few extra dollars, because THIS THING. I have my scissors sharpener between it and the wall at the moment because it is LEANING. But, it does still look cute. I spray painted the inside gold and the outside light blue. The gold is scratched in places because I didn’t seal it and I’m lazy, and the blue is kinda sorta covered with green tape in a few places because I…..yeah…..I’m not getting into that. BUT. I will be repainting the outside eventually. If I can move it without it breaking. 🙂

Here it is before I styled it, with everything just kind of….everywhere:


This box is from Marshalls. Oh my goodness, it really does pay to go out of your city to another Marshalls! While my mom and I were visiting my brother about a half hour or so from home, I went into the Marshalls and found this little gem. I love the fact that it’s something I would totally put on a box like this if I made it myself! It holds product manuals and other things, I’m honestly not sure, as the box dictates. IMG_1514

After taking everything else off the bookcase, I relocated a few things to my little blue cabinet, and gave my green paper organizer a new home right on top. I realize it’s an expanding file, but it really does hold all of my different craft papers. IMG_1515

And here is the finished product. See how I hid the paper and cabinet behind my mirror? And oh, how I wish my newest addition was in the photo! I picked up a bright pink ‘N’ at Michael’s on clearance! It lives on the top shelf 🙂 IMG_1516Thanks so much for reading!




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