The Amazon Book Saga


I have been deliberating posting about this for a few days now, and I figured I should so it gets some exposure, and may be even opinions. I have almost acquired all of the books I need for this semester (there’s one left I’m having trouble getting due to a price increase), and then there is the one I was going to get though my school’s bookstore (it is no longer backordered and would be more convenient to pick it up there). But, I can’t seem to do that now.

**Note: All messages are copied directly from Amazon and have not been edited in any way. **

It all started on August 19th when I found the book I needed for about $30 on Amazon. I always check out the sellers to see if they’re worth dealing with. This seller appeared to only have one negative feedback in their seller lifetime, and one that was neutral but still bad. I figured I could look past it because all of the other, more recent feedback was really good! And I figured I wouldn’t have any problems. Boy, was I wrong.

The book was supposed to ship on Wednesday or Thursday two weeks ago. It hadn’t shipped by Friday, so I contacted the seller on Saturday.

“The page for my order says my book should have shipped already. Why haven’t you shipped it yet? I overlooked the estimated delivery as being reasonable given my last minute purchase for a class, but it still needs to be shipped out in a reasonable amount of time.”

No response. Now “Terri’s Treasured Memories” has in the description for the book “Tracking number with prompt shipping“. On Tuesday, I discovered the book was no longer backordered at the bookstore on campus, so I requested that the order be cancelled. Still no response from the seller.

“This item is taking too long to ship. I need this order cancelled so that I can acquire it elsewhere.”

Imagine my surprise during my break (my Thursday night class is about 3 hours long) when I receive an alert from my bank that I have a low balance. SURPRISE: The book has been shipped, two days after I sent my cancellation. I emailed the seller one more time. STILL no response.

“I cancelled this order! Why has it shipped??? I do not appreciate my emails being ignored.”

And once more, just a couple of days ago…with — surprise — no response.

Hello??? I know you answer customers, I read the reviews and feedback. Can you please answer one of my messages??? This order was supposed to be cancelled. Why have you charged me and shipped it two days after my cancellation notice???

According to Amazon, I can’t file a claim until the shipping window has passed, which isn’t until September 11th of all days. And I really don’t know what to do at this point because the book is supposedly on its way and I have already been charged. And, big surprise here, there is no available tracking information.

Amazon, we had a great thing going with Prime being so awesome and paying for itself over time, but the increasing cost next year and this poor treatment of a customer is really making me rethink who’s side you’re really on. Customer satisfaction is clearly not a top priority with all of your sellers and feedback is never a clear indication of a smooth transaction.

UPDATE: The book has arrived in the condition described. The only tracking info. I received was a shipment notification and then another the day it was delivered. I do still plan to complain because this order was meant to be cancelled and the seller failed to do so and never responded to any of my emails.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.



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