My Stockpile

Today, I thought I would share a current picture of everything in my stockpile. I took EVERYTHING out to do a much-needed inventory, and this is the result:


I currently have:

  • 2 Pantene shampoos
  • 2 packs of BIC disposable razors
  • 1 Venus+Olay Razor
  • 6 Bars of Soap
  • 5 Secret Clinical Strength deoderants
  • 7 body washes
  • 5 boxes of Kleenex
  • 4 mouthwashes
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 2 Oral B Floss
  • 1 Lotion
  • 1 Hair Skin and Nails Gummies
  • 1 pkg. of Wet Wipes
  • 6 Arm & Hammer detergents
  • 1 box of staples šŸ™‚



I also did a last-minute coupon deal at work the other night. The Colgate Total toothpaste (2 HUGE tubes!) went on sale at CVS – Buy One, Get One Free, and since I got called in last minute and didn’t bother switching purses, I had my coupon binder with me and I was able to use two $1/1 coupons. I spent $2.49, or $1.24 per tube. I saved $6.49, or 72%!



Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for my next wash day around Wednesday and a new craft project from the “vault”!



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