Couponing without Coupons! – {CVS Trip}


I gotta say, I LOVE getting a really good deal without any coupons to start with! I purposely left my binder at home this week to keep myself from shopping at work, and I ended up getting a decent amount of stuff for very little money! I started with no coupons (any coupons new for the week I printed when I got to work), and I was on a strict budget, so I only planned to swipe my debit card once. Not everything is shown in the picture, because I ate part of it, forgot the drink in my car, and the chips are in a safe spot so I don’t forget them in the morning. I did three transactions, as follows:

Transaction #1:

Rescue Gum – $5.79, receive $5.79 ECB

Paid $5.79 + tax

Net: $0.00


Transaction #2:

CVS Panty Liners – $0.99, receive $0.99 ECB

Jack Links Beef & Cheese – $0.99

Vitamin Water – $1.50, receive $1.50 ECB

Gold Emblem Gummy Bears – $0.99

Hask Argan Oil Treatment – $1.99

Coupons Used: $5.79 ECB from Transaction #1

Paid $0.00

****When doing my math, my error was in the argan oil being in the wrong spot on the shelf (I didn’t double check the price, and it was lower than I thought), and I didn’t account for my employee discount.


Transaction #3:

CVS Nail Polish Remover – $0.49 (Clearance – 75% off!!!)

Colgate Optic White 3.5 oz  – $2.99

Lays Limon (Lime) chips – $1.49

Coupons Used: $2.49 Instant Coupon for toothpaste, $1.50 ECB from Transaction #2, $0.50 off Frito Lay Instant Coupon

Paid $0.18

I still have a $0.99 ECB leftover, so this was NOT a bad trip AT ALL! I netted $0.00! Woo hoo!!


Thanks SO MUCH for reading, and stay tuned for more posts coming soon!




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