The Big Reveal…

Alright. Here it is. My big chopped hair….three weeks later. What? I didn’t want to show you my horrible initial cutting job! And it’s already grown a little, so why not?


This past wash day, I prepooed by doing an oil rinse with coconut oil, and then hopping into the shower and shampooing twice with Hask Argan Oil Shampoo. After blotting my hair a little with a towel (I forgot to use my t-shirt, boo), I let it air dry some. Then, I applied Cantu Coconut Curl Creme and Hask Argan Oil Treatment. These two products have been phenomenal since my big chop! My natural hair LOVES them! It also seems to love when I don’t wash as often as when I still had my relaxed hair to tend to. My natural hair definitely retains moisture better than my relaxed hair did, which is really weird. Oh well. I’m learning as I go, and I am LOVING my new look! You could say I’m about that curl life now. I do plan to straighten it for special occasions (I graduate college in a year and a half!!!), but other than that, I’ll be wearing my braids overnight and rocking braidouts and buns during the day.

Thanks so much for reading!!

And if any of you ladies who pop over here from the linkup can recommend SOMETHING for my itchy scalp, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! I have been using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, but I honestly really hate dealing with the smell. 

The Wash Day Experience



6 thoughts on “The Big Reveal…

  1. Kris @ Beautifully Curled says:

    Congrats on the Big Chop! I, too, have been suffering from itchy scalp which was exactly what I talked about on my blog today. I did a ACV rinse on Sunday and my scalp seems to be much calmer, which is such a huge relief! Another option you can possibly look into is doing an Aloe Vera Juice rinse (or spray a diluted mix of Aloe Vera Juice + distilled water on your scalp). I just bought this huge gallon from Trader Joe’s so I will be incorporating Aloe Vera Juice whenever I can. I feel you on the ACV smell.

  2. kangopie says:

    hi! its looking good. I have never heard of natural hair that does what yours is doing right now – I wonder if my natural hair is like that?

    you could try put an essential oil (tea tree or peppermint oil) in a carrier oil like olive or castor oil and apply that to your scalp and see if it helps with the itchy hair?

    • Natasha @ Sew Short and Crafty says:

      I guess so! I’m just glad to be done with the itchiness while I’m waiting with relaxer in my head, and then seeing the lovely burn marks I couldn’t tell were forming. I’ve been relaxed as long as I can remember, so this is a definite learning experience!

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