Big Chop Update {One Month Post}

It has officially been 5 weeks since I big chopped my hair, so I thought it was time to do an update! It’s already growing pretty fast! Which, I mean, my friends and my mom were telling me it would once I chopped off the relaxed ends and could have access to my natural hair to keep it moisturized and happy!



This past wash day, I prepooed by doing a DIY protein treatment that I THINK I found on Black Hair Information. I don’t remember, but I did tweak it slightly. I melted down some coconut oil in the microwave, mixed in an egg, some honey, and my new favorite Suave conditioner. It’s the Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint conditioner, and it is so wonderful! I now have seven bottles in my stockpile!! I left the prepoo on my hair for about thirty minutes before rinsing and shampooing with Hask Argan Oil Shampoo. After that, I did a quick condition and rinse with some more Suave and then t-shirt dried my hair. Then, I applied Cantu Coconut Curl Creme and coconut oil to seal. I definitely did not want my hair addicted to the Argan Oil treatment, because buying those little tubes is going to add up QUICK. I’ve been using the coconut oil for two weeks now, and it seems to be helping my growth along nicely.

Thanks so much for reading!!

Once again, I am participating in this lovely linkup below:

The Wash Day Experience



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