Okay, One More Couponing Post….

Okay, so I ended up grabbing a couple of papers at Dollar Tree on Monday while I was out Christmas shopping with the madre. And two irresistable deals were in the ads that I couldn’t ignore!


The first one I did was at Kroger. I loaded my coupon for my FREE Mentos gum to my card on Free Friday and grabbed the Red Fruit Lime flavor while picking up a couple of other things. I then went to CVS and used a Raincheck from when the Xtra detergent was on sale for $1.44 each (it’s on sale this week for $1.99), and I combined it with the scanner coupon for $1 off this week’s sale price, and a manufacturer’s coupon for $1/2 45 oz detergents, making my final cost just $0.88, or $0.44 a bottle!!


Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Okay, One More Couponing Post….

  1. Baaps says:

    Aha, I picked up the same detergent yesterday! It was on sale for 1.99 with a coupon that took it down to 0.99! Not 88 cents but it surely was a good deal 🙂

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