Awesome Deal at Target!


So, last week I took a trip to Target to see what I could find. I found a lovely mug on clearance, an awesome piggy bank tp replace the jar I’ve been using (I save every penny I get!), and two pretty cheap Dial foaming soaps. I’m very excited to have TWO of these and I am going to clean them out whenever they’re both empty and use them as long as I can when I move out of my parents’ house! Yay for being frugal (and yay for that Pinterest tip)!

The two VO5 conditioners were from Kroger, because that seems to be the ONLY place I can get this particular one around here. Boo. At least they were on sale :p

Anywho, the breakdown for the soaps is as follows:

2 – Dial foaming hand soaps @ $1.84 each

Cartwheel: 25% off Dial hand soaps

$1/2 manufactuer’s coupon

Paid $1.76, or $0.88 each!

Thanks for stopping by! School starts this week, so I may or may not be able to post.



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