Couponing & My New Dress!!

Hello everyone!

So…my mom and I went to take my niece to pick up her first ever pair of glasses early Saturday (she picked the EXACT frames I have!). I decided to run into the mall and see if I could find a shirt to go with my black maxi skirt that I wanted to wear for my later Valentine’s Day plans.

I didn’t manage to find a shirt in the the uber-crowded mall, but by chance while waiting for my mom in Sears (she decided to go into the mall and I couldn’t find her), I started looking at their clothes. I came across a beautiful striped dress that said $11.40 on the price tag. I decided to grab two sizes to try on just in case. I went with the larger size because I knew I would be eating at a restaurant, and I didn’t want my food baby showing! The cashier rang it up, and apparently there was a sale on clearance merchandise, so it rang up at $5.32! And THEN after looking up my mom’s Sears Shop Your Way rewards, I had surprise points that made my beautiful new US Polo Association dress, which was originally $38.00 and makes me feel like a million bucks, totally FREE!!!!!


As far as couponing goes, I did so awesome at work yesterday! I ended up doing four transactions total (one was a last minute decision), and it went swimmingly! Breakdown after the picture, and I decided to try a new format this time. I hope you like it, because it’s a lot neater and cleaner for me to work with!






**Note: The vitamins were $7.79 each, and on sale – Buy One, Get One Free.

Total Spent: $5.57

Value of Items: $63.77

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