March Update

Hello, everyone!

My, February few by oh-so quickly! I feel like school just SLAMMED me lately. On top of that, I also got hit with a cold. I was not a happy camper. I thought that today I would share a little bit of what I’ve been working on at school, and what’s going to be due soon. Spring break is almost here, and I am turning in my last few assignments so I can take the week to actually relax!

This week, I turned in a Classroom Management Plan, and I had to make my own Comprehension Questions appropriate for 4th to 6th grade over an assigned book. I also have an online quiz, and a potential extra credit assignment if I can get a hold of the movie :). Coming up, I am part of a group of three working on a Thematic Unit. We decided to do ours over insects! It’s a lot of fun already. For my literacy studies class, I have to write a Guided Reading Lesson Plan, and it’s coming along pretty well. I am currently using Junie B., First grader: Cheater Pants, but I may change books. I’m not too sure yet, and I still have some time.


Note:My hair has been doing pretty okay as I move into my fourth month natural. It’s grown a full inch, though I can’t tell just looking at it! I keep going back forth between loving the ease of it, and hating not being able to have a ponytail, but I am pushing through because I have to!

Thank you, as always, for reading!



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