My Latest Couponing

I feel like I haven’t done a good couponing trip in awhile! I finally got a chance to sit and plan some deals out that worked quite nicely for me at work on Sunday, as well as today! I did three transactions on Sunday, and I did the same image breakdowns as before, because I am loving how easy and nice looking they are.



**I actually am trying to get my dish liquid submitted to ibotta since I bought it specifically for the credit, but this one is not in their database. Hopefully this gets resolved so that I can get my credit πŸ™‚

**UPDATE: The UPC was accepted, and I earned a $0.25 credit for ibotta, bringing my final cost down to $5.88.




Today, I went to a different CVS on my way home from the school I observe in (I student teach there next year!!). I had a raincheck from November (I think) of last year for when the Purex Crystals and detergent were Buy One, Get Two Free. I used three printabled $3/2 Purex Crystals coupons and a random $3 Extrabuck that printed for me yesterday (Don’t ask me, I truly don’t know why). I expected to pay about $0.58 for all of these, but I ended up getting these while they were not on sale, so my employee discount took the price down a little bit, and the Extrabuck modified down to the remaining balance and I paid NOTHING for all six of these. That’s $38.94 worth of Purex Crystals for FREE. I did a little happy dance when I got outside πŸ™‚


Thanks so much for reading!!



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