I am no longer #TeamNatural.

I made it as part of #TeamNatural for a good, long four months. At least it seemed pretty long to me. I started having regrets and thoughts of relaxing around the beginning of Month 3. It wasn’t until I was nearing the fourth month that I started actively researching how to work with short relaxed hair. I watched countless Youtube videos and read articles to tame my hunger. But on March 28th, 2015, this part Saturday, I did it. I bought a relaxer, and my mom put it in my hair. I was so worried my hair would break off and fall out and I would have to trim into a pixie cut or WORSE, start all over growing it out.

But the results made me fall in love with my hair all over again. Here it is Monday, and my hair is still happily hydrated. It’s not super shiny, but I have never messed with my hair much right after relaxing anyway. It takes me about a week or so, haha. The most I do now is fix it with my wide tooth comb and add a little bit of Shine oil to tame the flyaways. But my hair looks amazing. The length I managed to achieve is incredible. I thought I didn’t have much shrinkage, but. Wow. My hair is so bouncy and silky and I just love it.

I don’t want to think of this as the end of my Natural Hair Journey, but simply another chapter in my Healthy Hair Journey as a whole. Thank you for reading, and for your thoughtful comments on my last hair posts. They are greatly appreciated. I will share pictures hopefully this week if the weather permits.



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