Summer Plans…

I registered for classes for the fall semester of my semester last night. Well, early this morning, I should say. I can’t believe I only have one year left of college. The first of my actual teacher prep exams will be taken THIS SUMMER. Which reminds me, I also registered for my last two summer classes last night. I have not had a summer off since the summer between high school and college. All of my hard work will pay off. People around me keep sounding so negative about things, and I am trying not to let it discourage me. I know I can pass these exams and get hired at a good school. Teaching is what I was meant to do.

Alright, alright. Enough with the heavy. I really started writing this post because I am going to start a “little” project this summer, and by little, I mean NOT little!!! I will FINALLY be decluttering my room! Since I plan to move out of my parents house in early 2017, I am only making that impending move easier on myself. Plus, I could use it. I have too much stuff. Too many papers, notebooks, clothes, you name it. My teaching stuff I am hoard—, I mean collecting, doesn’t count. All of that will be gone once I get a teaching job and pile it in my car and take it to my classroom. I am going to close out this post, as it seems to be getting pretty long, with my list I have started of things I want to accomplish with this room declutter project:

  • Bed: new sheets/pillowcases, quilt, new pillow(s), throw pillows
  • Work in zones: Desk area, sleeping area, closet, tv and bookcase, windowseat
  • Purge/Toss/Donate/Store
  • Storage trunk at end of bed –
  • Clean drawers/surfaces/shelves COMPLETELY
  • Backwards hangers trick (Pinterest)
  • Drawer dividers – Container Store or DIY?
  • Get rid of donations in closet (there will probably be more added)
  • Reclaim and reorganize my dressers – possibly line the drawers (check Marshall’s for liners)

Thanks so much for reading!



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