About Me


Quick Facts About  Me


I am short (5’1″)

I’m a junior EC-6 ESL Education major at UT Arlington.

I eventually want to teach college English.

I used to write Phil of the Future Fanfiction

I have way too many email addresses to count because I keep forgetting the passwords.

I have a little 8 lb, 12 year old Shih Tzu named Chelsea

I have 2 nieces (8 and 6) and an adorable nephew (5) who all live with me, my parents, and my little brother (10)

I am dating one handsome Latino man 😉

I have had 6 hamsters. And a rabbit. (R.I.P. Frisky, Frisky #2, Angel, Diamond, Honey, Cupid and my poor bunny Daphne)

I love scoring great finds in thrift stores and at garage sales (I don’t like to spend a lot and I hate paying full price for things)!

Where to Find Me:


Want to know something else? Just ASK. I don’t bite, I promise 🙂

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