Couponing for this Week (March 29th)


I decided to take advantage of some of the really good deals this week, and boy did it pay off! I got $92.68 worth of products, and I only spent $10.16! With the Extrabucks earned, my final cost was $0! Pictures and breakdowns are below:





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My Latest Couponing

I feel like I haven’t done a good couponing trip in awhile! I finally got a chance to sit and plan some deals out that worked quite nicely for me at work on Sunday, as well as today! I did three transactions on Sunday, and I did the same image breakdowns as before, because I am loving how easy and nice looking they are.



**I actually am trying to get my dish liquid submitted to ibotta since I bought it specifically for the credit, but this one is not in their database. Hopefully this gets resolved so that I can get my credit 🙂

**UPDATE: The UPC was accepted, and I earned a $0.25 credit for ibotta, bringing my final cost down to $5.88.




Today, I went to a different CVS on my way home from the school I observe in (I student teach there next year!!). I had a raincheck from November (I think) of last year for when the Purex Crystals and detergent were Buy One, Get Two Free. I used three printabled $3/2 Purex Crystals coupons and a random $3 Extrabuck that printed for me yesterday (Don’t ask me, I truly don’t know why). I expected to pay about $0.58 for all of these, but I ended up getting these while they were not on sale, so my employee discount took the price down a little bit, and the Extrabuck modified down to the remaining balance and I paid NOTHING for all six of these. That’s $38.94 worth of Purex Crystals for FREE. I did a little happy dance when I got outside 🙂


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Couponing & My New Dress!!

Hello everyone!

So…my mom and I went to take my niece to pick up her first ever pair of glasses early Saturday (she picked the EXACT frames I have!). I decided to run into the mall and see if I could find a shirt to go with my black maxi skirt that I wanted to wear for my later Valentine’s Day plans.

I didn’t manage to find a shirt in the the uber-crowded mall, but by chance while waiting for my mom in Sears (she decided to go into the mall and I couldn’t find her), I started looking at their clothes. I came across a beautiful striped dress that said $11.40 on the price tag. I decided to grab two sizes to try on just in case. I went with the larger size because I knew I would be eating at a restaurant, and I didn’t want my food baby showing! The cashier rang it up, and apparently there was a sale on clearance merchandise, so it rang up at $5.32! And THEN after looking up my mom’s Sears Shop Your Way rewards, I had surprise points that made my beautiful new US Polo Association dress, which was originally $38.00 and makes me feel like a million bucks, totally FREE!!!!!


As far as couponing goes, I did so awesome at work yesterday! I ended up doing four transactions total (one was a last minute decision), and it went swimmingly! Breakdown after the picture, and I decided to try a new format this time. I hope you like it, because it’s a lot neater and cleaner for me to work with!






**Note: The vitamins were $7.79 each, and on sale – Buy One, Get One Free.

Total Spent: $5.57

Value of Items: $63.77

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Happy February!

Hello, Readers!

I can’t believe the month of love is here already! But, love should be celebrated everyday, shouldn’t it? And not just the love between couples! The love between parent and child, owner and pet, should be celebrated all year round! I know I spoil my doggie at times, and she has a birthday surprise coming in April (Shh, she’ll be 13!). I cannot wait to see what this month has in store. This semester has been bad at all so far. My professors are all great and seem really passionate about helping us all become great educators.

I do actually have some couponing to share today. The breakdown is below the picture:



Transaction 1 ($31.55): 

1 – Pantene Damage Detox Shampoo @ 2/$8

1 – Pantene Detangler @ 2/$8

Buy Two, Receive $1 ECB

2 – CVS Spray Lotions @ $1.44 each (Clearance)

1 – Starburst bag @ $3.49

1 – Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream @ $1.49

1 – Totino’s Pizza Rolls @ $2.99

(minus Employee discount)

Coupons Used: Pantene BOGO Free, $1/1 Pantene Product, $5 Beauty Club Extrabucks, $2/2 Body Lotions

Final Price: $4.17 (earned $1 EB)

Transaction 2 ($4.29): 

1 – Colgate Total toothpaste @ $3.00

1 – Flamas Sunflower Seeds @ $0.50

Coupons Used: $1 EB from Transaction 1, $2.50/Colgate CVS Coupon

Final Price: FREE 🙂

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Couponing For the Week


This week, I didn’t do lot of couponing. I’m pretty happy with my purchases, however, and I did spend less than $10 this week. I actually spent under $5! Everything in the above picture cost me only $3.34, and is valued at $18.37! The Bayer aspirin was $0.09 per box, the VO5 were $0.50 each, and the Pantene were $0.58 each!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!


Couponing Haul for the Week!

I was originally going to just do one big post, but it got too long! So, my couponing haul is below, and be sure to check out my new stockpile storage!


Once again, I have a lengthy first trip and not everything is pictured. I gave the Palmolive to my mom, and the candy bars are already stashed 🙂

(Once again, an asterisk denotes clearance and the value of the products is next to the store name)

CVS (work) {Sunday} ($37.09)

1 – Juicy Fruit Starburst gum @ $1.37

1 – Flamas Sunflower Seeds @ $0.50

1 – Millionaire’s Big Bite @ $0.99

3 – M&M Chocolate Bars @ $0.29 each *

3- Palmolive Dish Soaps @ $0.99 each

1 – Nuance Repair & Restore Shampoo @ $1.94

2 – Colgate 360 Battery Toothbrushes @ $6.00 each (Spend $12, earn $6 ECB)

Coupons Used: 3 x $0.50/1 Palmolive; 2 x $2.00/1 Colgate Battery Toothbrush; $4/$20 purchase (email); $3/$10 oral hygiene purchase

Paid: $8.15, net $2.15

Saved 79%, or $28.94

Note: After reviewing this receipt, I realized my CVS Palmolive coupon from this week did not get scanned. It’ s only $0.25, so I’m not sweating it. 

CVS (work) {Monday} ($32.88)

Transaction 1:

2 – Crest Sensi Toothpaste @ $4.79 each

Redeemed Raincheck – sale price $4.79, earn $3 ECB (Limit 2)

Coupons Used: 2 x $1.50/1 Crest Sensi tothpaste; $6 ECB from Sunday

Paid $.58, net $0

Saved 95%, or $11.00

Transaction 2: 

4 – Gain Flings 14 count @ $3.94 each

Coupons Used: 4 x $2/1 Gain Flings; $6 ECB from Transaction 1

Paid $1.90, or $0.47 each

Saved 92%, or $19.40

CVS (near home) ($15.98)

2 -Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummy Vitamins @ $7.99 each (BOGO Free sale)

Coupons Used: 2 x $2/1 Optimal Solutions product, $2/$10 vitamin purchase, $2/any Nature’s Bounty

Paid $0!!!!

Kroger ($2.00)

2 – Colgate toothpaste @ $1.00 each (10/$10)

Coupons Used: 2 x $0.75 Colgate toothpaste

Paid $0.50, or $0.25 each!!


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New Stockpile Storage!

I did a pretty awesome haul this week, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! I went to two different CVS’s (work and near home), and Kroger to get these awesome deals! But first, I redeemed a gift card from my Savings Catcher earnings (WalMart app) and got some awesome new storage for my stockpile! I managed to drop the old one on my poor foot stupidly trying to just carry it across my room, and it broke (one of the drawers is cracked on the backside), but I’m still using it for some other stuff. I forgot to take a picture of the front, but I took pictures of the individual drawers for your viewing pleasure.

Top Drawer: Feminine products, oral care, deodorant


Middle Drawer: Lotions, body washes and soaps, hand soaps, razors


Bottom Drawer: Shampoos and conditioners, misc. hair care products, laundry pods


All of my samples and some other small things I’ve gotten are corralled in a Bath and Body Works bag sitting on top! 🙂


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!



First Week of Couponing for 2015!!

I was going to wait until late Saturday night to post about my first couponing trips of the year, but I figured I would go ahead and do it on Friday instead since I had the time and motivation.

So without further ado, here is part of my haul for the month so far. Not everything is pictured because it’s either in use or I ate it 🙂 This is the majority of it, though. So far I have spent $39.73 and got $147.90 worth of stuff! Not bad so far, but after this week I will be getting back into my $10 and under per week couponing and No Coupon Extreme Couponing!!


I also snagged these adorable dog jackets on clearance at CVS! Price details below! IMG_3602

Note: I’m using “local” and “work” to differentiate between transactions done at the store I work in, and the one near my house. I put the original value of the items next to the store as well. Also, an asterisk (*) is used to indicate a clearance item.

CVS (local) ($14.91)

4 – Henna N Placenta packets @ $0.62 each *

1 – Gold Emblem gummy bears (blue bag)  @ $1.77

1 – Oak Farms 1/2 gallon 2% Milk @ $2.99


$2.50 Quarterly ECB

Employee Discount

Paid $4.40

Saved 71%, or $10.51

Commissary ($3.99)

1 – Simple Facial Wash @ $3.99


$2/1 Simple {Military Store Coupon}

CVS (work) ($60.83)

1 – Jack Link w. cheese @ $1.00

1 – Essence of Beauty Mini Lotions gift set @ $2.49 *

2 – Dog Jackets @ $3.25 each *

1 – 1 pound Reese’s @ $3.25

3 – Dawn Hand Care @ $0.99 each

1 – Grandma’s Vanilla cookies @ $0.50

1 – Lean Cuisine, Sesame Chicken @ $4.79


3 x $0.50/1 Dawn MQ

$3/$15 email coupon

$1/ body lotions {sent to card}

Employee Discount

Paid $15.81

Saved 75%, or $45.02

Target ($2.48)

1 – BIC Cristal pens, 10 ct @ $1.47

1 – BIC whiteout @ $0.97


2 x $1/1 BIC Stationery product

Paid $0.48

Walmart ($22.38)

6 x Midol Complete @ $3.73 each


2 x $10/3 MQ (any listed on coupon)

Paid $2.38, or $0.39/box

CVS (local) ($43.31)

1 – Stayfree w. Wings, 36 ct @ $4.49

1 – Stayfree w. Wings, 32 ct @ $4.49

1 – Carefree liners, 36 ct @ $3.99

2 – Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk @ $10.99 each

1 – Hask Argan Oil  Treatment  @ $2.27


2 x $3/1 Stayfree

$1/1 Carefree

$3/$12 Pad, Liner purchase {sent to card}

Raincheck – Shea Moisture, Buy One Get One Free

Employee Discount

Paid $14.67

Saved 68%, or $28.64


Thank you so much for reading! My latest wash day post will be up probably Monday, or maybe Sunday night when I get home from work.