DIY Notebooks {Back to School 2013}

My goodness, how exciting! I get to write a post and publish it when I get done, instead of it being super late at night and I just schedule it for the next day…..

Anyway, isn’t it exciting that school starts up again soon? I start classes next Thursday, and I will finally see what it’s like to work part time and go to school full time (opposite of my dad right now, how funny!). Today, I wanted to share with you the notebooks I finished up a couple of days ago.

You need fabric, scrapbook paper, ribbon, mod podge, a brush, scissors, and any other embellishments you want to use. Oh, and spray adhesive, if you have it. I rarely buy it because it’s hard to find cheap sometimes, but I got it at JoAnn with a coupon since I love using it so much!


I started by snipping the ribbon off of a jelly roll I made months ago. I arranged the strips in a sort of design and used spray adhesive to apply them to the notebook cover. Then, I sprayed some on the inside cover and folded over the excess fabric.




Here are all four notebooks that I did. The top two are fabric, and the bottom two are scrapbook papers.


And now, here they all are with ribbons added. (again with spray adhesive)



Then, I coated the front of each notebook with mod podge. I printed out cute little monogram (made in MS Word), and stuck them to the front of each notebook.


Then I remembered I had this wonderful stuff….


And now, I have one shimmery notebook! The next day, I added another coat of mod podge to all of the notebooks. I did not take a picture of the finished notebooks, because they look like they do above, just with monograms. I used a matte mod podge as well.



My New Pencil Bag!

Update: My pencil bag has been featured as a part of this list!! Go and check it out, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Hello, everyone! In my last post, I mentioned that I had plans for a pencil bag. Well today, I am going to show you how I made my TOMS bag into a lined, boxy pencil bag! I kept seeing the ones on Pinterest that were just regular flat pencil bags, but I love the box style, so I set out to make it without much of a guide. To make my Lined TOMS Pencil Bag, you will need: a TOMS bag, lining fabric of your choice, zipper, pins, scissors, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

The first thing I did was square up my lining fabric. The edges were a little uneven, but I couldn’t find my rotary cutter, so I just used shears. I still haven’t found it. And the blade is getting dull. Bummer.

I then centered my lining fabric on top of the TOMS logo so I could cut the bag to size.
I lined up each piece of lining, wrong sides together, with an outer piece and pinned it to keep it from sliding while I pinned and sewed the zipper in place.


It wasn’t until after I stitched the first side that I realized the zipper should have been sandwiched between the lining and the outer piece.

Since it is for my personal use, I just sucked it up and kept rolling with the punches, as they say. I also went ahead and pinned and stitched the bottom since there wasn’t the convenience of a fold. So now we have this:

Then, I moved the zipper pull out of harm’s way, flattened the “bag”, and stitched the “sides”. Cut off the excess zipper, and this could be a finished bag, if you wanted!

But I didn’t. So now, I can measure and pin my edges for the boxy shape that I want. after stitching them in place, I cut off the excess fabric with pinking shears to help prevent fraying. IMG_1656
And here is the finished bag! As you can see, the letters are cut off, but I love this bag. It’s adorable, I made it, and it didn’t cost me anything extra in supplies. The lining fabric is a cotton print from a grab bag I found at Goodwill.



What? You want to see actual supplies in it? Darn…I mean, okay!

Oh, by the way, here’s a shot of my pen collection…most of them, I mean. I grouped them by color just for you, my dear readers! I have a partial pack of pens in my drawer, along with several strays laying around in my room, but this is the bulk of it!


ALSO. I wanted to show you what I decided to put in my “Kit” I was talking about in my last post. Again, go to the link in that post for the full details on it, and I promise, you will love her blog!


Everything fits nicely in this Arbonne makeup bag. I have no idea where I got this from, but I’m pretty sure someone gave it to me.


Thanks so much (as always) for reading!


Oversized Pillowcase Tutorial


Hello! Today, I am finally sharing with you my oversized pillowcase tutorial. I say finally because I somehow kept overlooking it when I was working on photos. Totally went over my head. Up until I made this pillowcase, I have had a plain white lace trimmed sham on my pillow. And since I have this new bed set, it looks very strange. The sheets and pillowcases are a pale yellow, but the white sham makes them look dirty!


So, I set about to fix the problem. The bed set came with the standard two pillow shams.


Oh yeah, and here’s another view of the white sham:


On to the new case! I picked apart the seams on the sides and bottom of one sham. This took FOREVER, it seemed. I had to rip through two sets of stitches, which I wasn’t expecting. The last sham I took apart had one set of stitches and I was done!


Then, I laid it on top of the old sham to figure out how much of the second sham I would need. Just as I thought, I only needed one more panel!


I marked the section from the side with the interfacing since it was see-through, and for obvious reasons I couldn’t just unpick the stitches from this side. More seam ripping!


The section is free! I opened it up and smoothed it a little. A very little….Then I pinned it along the green edge of the other sham and stitched it together!


I matched up the edges as best as I could, and pinned the WHOLE thing together, RST.


Since I left the original opening alone, it ended up in almost the exact same location as on the old pillowcase. All I had to do after stitching was turn it and iron it! I shoved my pillow back in and I was finished! Super easy, right?


Thanks for reading as always!


DIY File Cabinet Makeover


My ugly old file cabinet FINALLY got what it deserved! I mean, I really shouldn’t complain about how it looked. My old cabinet was a dark “wood” color and there was a chunk missing out of the top. Talk about tacky.

Here’s my cabinet, before taking anything off or out of it. See the stickers that I attempted to remove with little success?


Everything that was in the cabinet got dumped into this bag, and then I stacked some of it on the floor to sort through later. I also went ahead and removed the hardware. I couldn’t remember where I saw how to remove the lock, so I gave up after a few tries so I wouldn’t break it or damage the drawer it was on.

IMG_1069 IMG_1071

And here’s the cabinet, freshly sanded and cleaned.


After spraying on the two coats of chalkboard spray paint (1 hour in between coats), it looked like this:


After 24 hours, I rubbed the sides and top with a piece of chalk and dusted it off.


Then, I opened up the garage and, using some Target $1 wrapping paper and spray adhesive, I covered the front of the cabinet. I used my screwdriver to punch the holes for the hardware through the paper. Then, I sealed everything with a coat of clear enamel.


Here’s the cabinet after reattaching the hardware. After all this was done, I decided to paper the pink trim as well. It looked more cohesive that way.


The finished cabinet, in my room.


The hardest part of this whole project was deciding what to write on it first! I decided on a variation of “Keep Calm” and “Welcome to the ChalkZone”, in honor of one of my favorite shows as a kid!

IMG_1124 IMG_1125

Thanks so much for stopping by!