Closet Makeover


In all honesty, I should have written this post a long time ago. For some reason, I kept thinking I did. Then, I kept putting it off because of school or work. But today, I finally had a little time to sit down and type this one out: my closet makeover. My closet has been in a state of disarray for several years, and has only just now become more easily managed and it stays clean longer! Go figure!

I took a trip to the container store (after browsing online) and picked up a few things. In all I spent about $40. The first thing I took care of was my major shoe issue. I had too many pairs. So, I went through and tossed all the beat up pairs that I can’t weat anymore. I actually bought this shoe organizer from WalMart about a year ago for $5. DSCN4544

Next, I have some before shots for your entertainment…

I thought storing my scarves like that would work, but it just looks messy.DSCN4546

This dresser became a crap catcher pretty quickly, so I moved it.


This poor dresser became a crap catcher as well, so I moved it out of my closet completely.


My messy shelf….(thank god you can’t see the full extent unlike the earlier photo)


Here’s the closet totally emptied out. Well, except for the black dresser in its new location.


I chose to cover the main wall with wrapping paper from Marshalls ($2!) and some pink tissue paper I already had, along with some more wrapping paper (probably also from Marshalls at some point). I didn’t worry about getting the edges perfectly straight/even because it would all be covered with clothes anyway.


Here, you can see what I bought at the container store: a sweater organizer and a double hang closet rod. These two additions were MAJOR lifesavers!



I took a picture tonight of the finished closet because I never took one! It’s a little dark, but you can see that I ended up moving the double hang rod to the other side. It works better towards the front. The sweater organizer holds my camis/raceback tanks, some sweaters, all of my scarves, and some blankets. I also swapped out the majority of my hangers with green and grey velvet hangers I picked up on two separate occasions from two different Marshalls stores. You can also see my bin of sewing patterns and my pink zebra print fabric bin that holds misc. cords and all of the device cases I am not currently using. The bag on top of the dresser is a JoAnn reusable bag and it holds all of my leftover hangers.



Thanks so much for reading and I hope you like my closet makeover!






DIY Flower Wall Art Project

The next project I decided to pull from my stash is my DIY flower wall art, which was created completely by accident. It’s very simple and easy to do, and can be made with materials you may already have laying around the house.


I started by gathering up a bunch of paper towel rolls and cutting them into rings. Then, I covered them in bright green masking tape and zebra print tape.


They looked a little plain (and I still has no idea where I was going with them at this point), so I decided to grab my nail polishes (I was out of paint at the time), and painted the insides in different colors. 2

Once they were all dry, I sorted them off by color and hot glued them in groups of four. I think this is the point where I figured out that these were going to be flowers. 😉


After the glue cooled, I hot glued the sections together into a random design. 4

I hot glued the entire thing to a piece of cardboard that I painted to match the other decor in the room and hung it up on the wall with push pins. Nails don’t work, it will fall off!!!


Thanks for reading!


Quick Bookcase Styling

I was going through my picture folders on my laptop today and realized I had alot of projects I never posted about! And here I was thinking I didn’t really have much to write about lately! So, I thought the first one I would share was my new bookcase and it’s styling.

I got a new bookcase a couple of months ago — I can’t believe I forgot about it! It’s a 5-shelf cheapo one from Walmart. I definitely should have gotten one at Target and paid the few extra dollars, because THIS THING. I have my scissors sharpener between it and the wall at the moment because it is LEANING. But, it does still look cute. I spray painted the inside gold and the outside light blue. The gold is scratched in places because I didn’t seal it and I’m lazy, and the blue is kinda sorta covered with green tape in a few places because I…..yeah…..I’m not getting into that. BUT. I will be repainting the outside eventually. If I can move it without it breaking. 🙂

Here it is before I styled it, with everything just kind of….everywhere:


This box is from Marshalls. Oh my goodness, it really does pay to go out of your city to another Marshalls! While my mom and I were visiting my brother about a half hour or so from home, I went into the Marshalls and found this little gem. I love the fact that it’s something I would totally put on a box like this if I made it myself! It holds product manuals and other things, I’m honestly not sure, as the box dictates. IMG_1514

After taking everything else off the bookcase, I relocated a few things to my little blue cabinet, and gave my green paper organizer a new home right on top. I realize it’s an expanding file, but it really does hold all of my different craft papers. IMG_1515

And here is the finished product. See how I hid the paper and cabinet behind my mirror? And oh, how I wish my newest addition was in the photo! I picked up a bright pink ‘N’ at Michael’s on clearance! It lives on the top shelf 🙂 IMG_1516Thanks so much for reading!



My New Pencil Bag!

Update: My pencil bag has been featured as a part of this list!! Go and check it out, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Hello, everyone! In my last post, I mentioned that I had plans for a pencil bag. Well today, I am going to show you how I made my TOMS bag into a lined, boxy pencil bag! I kept seeing the ones on Pinterest that were just regular flat pencil bags, but I love the box style, so I set out to make it without much of a guide. To make my Lined TOMS Pencil Bag, you will need: a TOMS bag, lining fabric of your choice, zipper, pins, scissors, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

The first thing I did was square up my lining fabric. The edges were a little uneven, but I couldn’t find my rotary cutter, so I just used shears. I still haven’t found it. And the blade is getting dull. Bummer.

I then centered my lining fabric on top of the TOMS logo so I could cut the bag to size.
I lined up each piece of lining, wrong sides together, with an outer piece and pinned it to keep it from sliding while I pinned and sewed the zipper in place.


It wasn’t until after I stitched the first side that I realized the zipper should have been sandwiched between the lining and the outer piece.

Since it is for my personal use, I just sucked it up and kept rolling with the punches, as they say. I also went ahead and pinned and stitched the bottom since there wasn’t the convenience of a fold. So now we have this:

Then, I moved the zipper pull out of harm’s way, flattened the “bag”, and stitched the “sides”. Cut off the excess zipper, and this could be a finished bag, if you wanted!

But I didn’t. So now, I can measure and pin my edges for the boxy shape that I want. after stitching them in place, I cut off the excess fabric with pinking shears to help prevent fraying. IMG_1656
And here is the finished bag! As you can see, the letters are cut off, but I love this bag. It’s adorable, I made it, and it didn’t cost me anything extra in supplies. The lining fabric is a cotton print from a grab bag I found at Goodwill.



What? You want to see actual supplies in it? Darn…I mean, okay!

Oh, by the way, here’s a shot of my pen collection…most of them, I mean. I grouped them by color just for you, my dear readers! I have a partial pack of pens in my drawer, along with several strays laying around in my room, but this is the bulk of it!


ALSO. I wanted to show you what I decided to put in my “Kit” I was talking about in my last post. Again, go to the link in that post for the full details on it, and I promise, you will love her blog!


Everything fits nicely in this Arbonne makeup bag. I have no idea where I got this from, but I’m pretty sure someone gave it to me.


Thanks so much (as always) for reading!


Oversized Pillowcase Tutorial


Hello! Today, I am finally sharing with you my oversized pillowcase tutorial. I say finally because I somehow kept overlooking it when I was working on photos. Totally went over my head. Up until I made this pillowcase, I have had a plain white lace trimmed sham on my pillow. And since I have this new bed set, it looks very strange. The sheets and pillowcases are a pale yellow, but the white sham makes them look dirty!


So, I set about to fix the problem. The bed set came with the standard two pillow shams.


Oh yeah, and here’s another view of the white sham:


On to the new case! I picked apart the seams on the sides and bottom of one sham. This took FOREVER, it seemed. I had to rip through two sets of stitches, which I wasn’t expecting. The last sham I took apart had one set of stitches and I was done!


Then, I laid it on top of the old sham to figure out how much of the second sham I would need. Just as I thought, I only needed one more panel!


I marked the section from the side with the interfacing since it was see-through, and for obvious reasons I couldn’t just unpick the stitches from this side. More seam ripping!


The section is free! I opened it up and smoothed it a little. A very little….Then I pinned it along the green edge of the other sham and stitched it together!


I matched up the edges as best as I could, and pinned the WHOLE thing together, RST.


Since I left the original opening alone, it ended up in almost the exact same location as on the old pillowcase. All I had to do after stitching was turn it and iron it! I shoved my pillow back in and I was finished! Super easy, right?


Thanks for reading as always!


Patio Chairs And Other New Happenings…

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I have been planning our recovering the patio chairs in my parents’ backyard for the longest. Our current cushions are ripped and ugly and dirty. My dad finally okay-ed me getting the fabric I would need tomorrow after class, and I have to get them all done before the 4th of July! Fingers crossed I can power through. My 8:30am class is over on Tuesday, so I will have all of Wednesday to finish what I don’t do over the next two days. I made my final two papers priority which is why I didn’t go get the stuff today.

I am also going to pick up some brown rustoleum for the chairs (shh!!) and those will get their own little makeover. But I have already ripped the fabric from the cushions — some of it fell apart when I touched it. I have 3 clean, pink marks on one of my fingers from the fibers in the fabric fighting me.

In other, more exciting news, I FINALLY got a job!!! I am so incredibly excited, because my whole plan was to either get a job my first year of college, or the ummer after, and it’s finally happening! My parents are ecstatic (naturally).

I’m just happy to have a few days of breathing room between my 8am class and the one that starts the week after at 1pm. I’ll be able to sleep a little bit longer, but what’s the fun in that, really?

ALSO. Before I end this post, I wanted to let you guys know that you can now subscribe to this blog on Bloglovin’! Since my favorite, Google Reader, is shutting down tomorrow, I am still working on getting all the blogs I want followed on my page.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I will try to have a tutorial or two up this week, but if I don’t, have a wonderful Fourth of July and stay safe!

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DIY Martha Stewart Shagreen Trays


Hello, everyone! I’ve been having some uploading issues that I’m going to attribute to my slow internet connection lately. But today, I am sharing with you my version of the Martha Stewart Shagreen Trays at Staples. Aren’t they cute?! But since at the time, I didn’t have the extra money to buy them (at a GREAT price, I should mention), I decided to dig through my craft supplies and make my own.

I dug up my phone box and my ipad mini box to use as my trays. I keep stuff like that for no other reason than as undecorated trays on my desk and sewing table.


I took lengths of scrapbook paper, spread tacky glue on them, and laid one on each end of the box, folding the edges over to the front and back sides. I then cut strips the exact length of the box and glued them on the front and back, covering the excess from the sides. I then added binder clips around the top to hold it in place while I went around and glued the excess paper to the bottom of the box. Let it all dry thoroughly before handling. IMG_0542

In order to line my boxes, I set each one on top of a scrap of felt, and traced around the bottom with a sharpie, guessing at the height so I wouldn’t have to flip the box on each side. I can always trim it later, so why not?


I then cut it out and folded it in half, securing it with binder clips. Then I trimmed the piece so it was even on both sides.


I then pushed the felt down into the box, and trimmed down the top edges. I then applied glue to each flap and pressed it into place. Now you’re done!IMG_0544

Here are both trays, totally done. Super cute and they cost me $0!


And here they are in action! I have a lot of stuff in my desk drawers, and I am not ashamed (anymore). IMG_0547

DIY Desk Repair


My mom got a new desk over the Mother’s Day weekend. I stayed up until 4am that Sunday helping her put the desk and hutch together, and then got back up around 8am to help finish it up and secure it to the wall. The icing on the cake? I got her old l-shaped desk. It’s a cheap-o desk from Wal-Mart, and it’s definitely seen better days. Like, before my nephew decided to pull off the “finish” like tape. It kept getting messed with and finally came all the way off one day. So now, I had this nice desk with a “slight” cosmetic defect. What to do, what to do?


Well, I started by scuffing up the surface with sandpaper, so the glue would have something to “grab” I had originally wanted to use homemade mod podge and scrapbook paper (and had already applied a small amount after this – too watery, boo), but chose to use a stronger alternative…


I started by making a square template for my glitter paper by cutting a small scrap of red cardstock to the width of the leg and squaring it up as best I could. I am going to need to cut a bunch of these squares, so a paper template was a no-no this time around.


Then, I cut out the glitter paper squares. I am alternating gold and silver, but there wasn’t enough to do the entire leg, so I grabbed some tiny scraps and a small scrap of scrapbook paper.


By the way….you need these four lovely items – E-6000 adhesive, a cheap paint brush you can toss after using it with the E-6000, black electrical tape, and a paper plate. Newspaper to work on top of is nice, too. Just saying.


Apply the E-6000 to each square and attach it to the desk front. Fill in the scraps and scrapbook paper until the entire piece is covered. If it isn’t totally straight, that’s okay. I know my cuts were off and I have zero sense of straight lines, it seems.


Apply the black electrical tape in between the pieces and around the edges to give the desk leg a slick, cohesive look. Unless the desk is brown, so the black looks weird. But then again, the way the desk faces in my room, it’s not obvious at all.


By the way, do you like my super high tech system for holding my tape after I cut the pieces I needed?


And here is the finished desk leg! Tres chic, no? Just kidding. I’m not bilingual. No French, no Spanish, no Italian, nothing. I took three years of Spanish in high school and I remember very little. I know the common French words – bonjour, qui, and mon ami. That’s it. I think. Spanish – I can follow certain conversations, it depends on the subject. But I couldn’t tell you an exact translation.


Umm…where was I? Oh! Thanks for reading, and come back soon!


DIY “Keep Calm” Print


I love the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s amazing! I approached it with much reserve during my Twilight phase, and I was totally against reading it because every fan of the trilogy was bashing the Twilight Saga and I hated it. People kept bugging me to read it and I wouldn’t give in at the time. I kept saying I would later on down the road so I’m not jumping on the “OMG read this book before the movie comes out!” bandwagon. I ended up doing the same thing I did with Twilight. I read the first book the year after the first movie came out, only with Twilight I got the other books over time. Since I read The Hunger Games on my Kindle, I ended up buying and reading all three books within a week; they were so addicting!

Okay, I’m turning this into a book review. This is supposed to be a tutorial. Oops. Sorry, guys. Anyway…

Like everybody else, I have been obsessing over all of these “Keep Calm” images, prints, and quotes all over Pinterest and “le interwebs” (if you recognize this from Ragestache, you are awesome!) I wanted my own after seeing *this* pin on Pinterest. I tried typing up my own and adding the image in preparation to just have it printed at a photo place, but it simply was too expensive for my tastes! So, I went to the next logical step (in my mind), and began brainstorming total DIY ideas.


I could’ve bought black posterboard and used gold paint pens or Sharpies, and was all prepared to do so, when I stumbled upon the rest of my mom’s desk box packaging. The perfectly-sized piece of cardboard was just lying there, ready to be trashed. It started out at 25 inches long by 17 inches wide. I actually just had to run and dig for the paper I wrote this on. Hehe.


See my awesome fake lightbox setup? My dad hooked up one of our older (read: slower) computers to the TV, so I Googled “mockingjay”, opened the image, taped up a sheet of mint green paper, and traced away with my Sharpies!


Next, I added the lettering with Sharpie. This part scared me because I planned it out on paper a few times, but it still made me nervous. Perfectionist anxiety, I guess.


I then carefully cut out my little mockinjay and positioned him on the top of the poster. Since I didn’t want to use tape or glue, and I wanted whatever I used to be hidden, I colored some staples with a red Sharpie and stapled the birdy in place. I did stupidly forget how thin the cardboard was, though. I had to pry the cardboard loose before I could do anything else…

IMG_0834 IMG_0836

I hit the staples a few times at an angle with my dad’s hammer and covered all of the points with tape. No scratching my paint finish! You can also see my hastily scrawled layout…


I chopped of the excess cardboard, so now the length is 22 inches, a pretty do-able size for a poster. I then covered all the edges with black electrical tape. Then I had to open the garage door. Why? Well…


I chose to seal the poster. Why? I have no freaking idea. But I did it anyway. I sprayed the whole front and let it dry for an hour before moving it. It’s obvious where I taped down part of the Mockingjay…awkward. But it’s up on my wall and it looks awesome! So now, go make a “Keep Calm” print for yourself! Or a friend, maybe? Who cares, it’s so easy and cheap, you can just make up a bunch!



Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Budget Window Seat Cushion Tutorial

I blogged about this lovely thrifted fabric on {Inside Natasha’s Head} a while back, it seems, and I finally got it made into a cute cushion for my long-neglected window seat! I started by measuring the width and length of my window seat. Mine was 77 ½ inches long and 17 inches wide, so I cut my fabric to 78 inches by 17 ½ inches, adding a half inch seam allowance.


I then pinned the fabric all the way around, leaving about a 3 inch opening on one end (marked with double pins) for turning and stuffing later. I rolled up all of the fabric so it would be easier to maneuver when I got to the machine. I did a regular straight stitch using white thread and clipped my corners once I got done.


I put the entire mass over my arm and pulled at a corner to begin turning the cushion. I poked the bottom corners out with the flat end of my knitting needle and after turning the rest, I pushed out the top corners.


To double check the sizing, I laid the newly sewn cushion on the window seat. Looks good to me! See all the paint supplies on the floor waiting to be moved to the garage? Whoops, there’s cans of paint over there too.


I grabbed polyfil, and I snapped a picture of polyfil, but I didn’t really use it. I mean, I did, but I didn’t go out and buy the big box to fill the entire cushion, and I CERTAINLY was not buying foam! I’m a college student on a budget; I used oops paint for my walls because it was cheaper! *off my soapbox* I grabbed an old comforter out of the linen closet and folded it into a long tubular shape. I fed this into the cushion (sounds so creepy, and it looked like a long snake – I hate snakes!), and used the polyfil along the front edge to firm it up a bit. Nobody’s going to see the back edge, so I didn’t fuss with it.


Voila! My budget cushion is finished! I did flatten the lumps out , but I didn’t take a new picture, because I managed to throw a bunch of stuff (read: junk) on the windowseat, so it is a mess at the moment.


Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!