I am no longer #TeamNatural.

I made it as part of #TeamNatural for a good, long four months. At least it seemed pretty long to me. I started having regrets and thoughts of relaxing around the beginning of Month 3. It wasn’t until I was nearing the fourth month that I started actively researching how to work with short relaxed hair. I watched countless Youtube videos and read articles to tame my hunger. But on March 28th, 2015, this part Saturday, I did it. I bought a relaxer, and my mom put it in my hair. I was so worried my hair would break off and fall out and I would have to trim into a pixie cut or WORSE, start all over growing it out.

But the results made me fall in love with my hair all over again. Here it is Monday, and my hair is still happily hydrated. It’s not super shiny, but I have never messed with my hair much right after relaxing anyway. It takes me about a week or so, haha. The most I do now is fix it with my wide tooth comb and add a little bit of Shine oil to tame the flyaways. But my hair looks amazing. The length I managed to achieve is incredible. I thought I didn’t have much shrinkage, but. Wow. My hair is so bouncy and silky and I just love it.

I don’t want to think of this as the end of my Natural Hair Journey, but simply another chapter in my Healthy Hair Journey as a whole. Thank you for reading, and for your thoughtful comments on my last hair posts. They are greatly appreciated. I will share pictures hopefully this week if the weather permits.



My Latest Wash Day… #WashDayExperience

I’ve been bad with my hair. I went another week without washing again. However, based on the lack of shed hair and how smooth and silky my hair felt on Sunday after washing and drying, etc, I don’t think it hurt it too much 🙂



I chose to dye my hair today, and I knew I wanted a reddish tone, so I went with my go-to brand and color, Dark and Lovely Red Hot Rhythm. It processed in my hair for 20 minutes, and then I hopped into the shower to rinse it all out until the water ran clear, and then some. I have never had major bleeding issues with this dye, and I wasn’t starting anytime soon!


Next I applied the conditioner that came with the dye, and I seriously squeezed the ENTIRE tube into my hair! After rinsing, I co-washed with my new favorite, VO5 Tea Therapy Blackberry Sage Tea Conditioner. It left my hair feeling absolutely wonderful. I need to pick up more before Kroger stops their awesome sale price (I can’t seem to find this particular one at CVS or Walgreens, and I hate going to Walmart if I dont have to make the drive).


I decided to blow dry my hair since I haven’t in some time, and I applied my leave-ins beforehand. Before that though, I spritzed my scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar + Water, then sprayed each section with Aussie Hair Insurance and detangled. After drying, I straightened my hair and applied my Cantu Shea Butter and some coconut oil to seal. My hair was happy! I then applied Eco Styler gel to my edges and brushed it back, and tied them down with my scarf (thanks Jen @ Just Grow Already for this awesome tip!)


Now for the awesome hair pics…. *drum roll*

Talk about “need to fix that” in the back. That hair tends to shrink up badly and make my back appear less full. It’s definitely not thin city back there at all. However, my ends are no longer fried and dry, and way more manageable.  My hair came out so silky and felt SO GOOD against my fingers. I couldn’t stop touching it, but I knew I had to.




I chose to braid my hair for the night so I could have curls the next day:


Thanks so much for reading!


I Got Nominated for a Liebster Award!!


*cue cheers*

I was nominated by kangopie for a Liebster Award! What is it, you ask? Well, it’s really about blog community involvement and helping out other small blogs, like mine. I’m so happy to be a part of this, as I am always looking to gain more exposure for my little home on the web. 🙂 Without further ado, I must answer some questions:

She wanted to know:

1. How long does it take you to wash your hair?

Generally, only about 20-30 minutes. As far as ALL rinse outs  I do on my wash day, about an hour or so total. It’s the drying that takes forever! 🙂

2. What is your #1 hair tip?

Go with your gut. Don’t act on a whim with anything having to do with your hair. See #5….

3. What’s the craziest hair myth you ever heard?

Black people’s hair doesn’t grow. Come ON.

4. What is your #1 hair regret?

Relaxing my hair recently after I had made serious progress with my natural growth. Now I have to start pretty much from scratch!

5. What is your favorite kitchen product to put in your hair?

Grapeseed oil!!! And then my DIY deep conditioner has a base of honey, coconut oil, and olive oil.

6. Who is your current favorite blogger?

Just Grow Already! I also follow a DIY blog called Two Twenty One! Both are wonderful and I’m subscribed to their updates on Facebook so I don’t miss anything 🙂

7. When did you start your hair journey?

Roughly late 2012 – my first semester of college.

8. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed?

Texlaxed, and I only say that because I tried the “egg and vinegar strips relaxer” trick and it did work to a degree — some of my curls came back.

9. What is your current hair length goal?

As long as I can get it naturally! I WILL succeed in transitioning my hair! Those curls are too beautiful to ignore!

10. How long is your hair currently?

Above shoulder, that’s for sure. It’s been this length for several years. I just keep letting it grow and chopping it back down when I get too hot in the summers.

11. What is your favorite protective style?

Buns! I also love braiding overnight so I can still have curls whenever I want.


And my twelve random facts:

1. If I had only one app on my phone, it would be Pinterest.

2. I used to really hate cats.

3. I am terrified of snakes. And spiders.

4. I have had 6 hamsters, a rabbit, and a betta fish.

5. Two of said hamsters were both named Frisky.

6. My very handsome boyfriend is Mexican and a year younger than I am.

7. I want to be an English professor or school principal someday.

8.  I keep flopping between wanting three kids, to wanting one, to wanting none at all.

9. I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie when I was little.

10. I don’t tell customers at my job that  I understand Spanish because I like listening to their conversations to test my translating skills. (shh!)

11. I am horribly introverted until I get to know someone VERY well.

12. Not many of my friends know about this blog or my creative talents.

I nominate the following lovely ladies:

Pecan Pie & Pin Curls

The Random Phoenix – LOVE her shiny, silky hair!

Kreamy Curls


You ladies must answer (I didn’t change much):

1. How long does it take you to wash your hair (full wash day routine)?

2. What is your #1 hair tip?

3. What’s the worst product you’ve ever tried?

4. What is your #1 hair regret?

5. What is your favorite kitchen product to put in your hair?

6. Who is your current favorite blogger?

7. Why did you start your hair journey?

8. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed?

9. What is your current hair length goal?

10. How long is your hair currently?

11. What is your favorite protective style?


Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!