Flats Go From Drab to Vibrant!

Over the weekend, I took my boring old Predictions flats and turned them into something vibrant and fun to wear! This is my THIRD pair of these shoes, because they are my favorite, they’re cheap, and they go with a lot! So, I easily wore through the other two pairs.

Below, the drab before:

Flats Go From Drab to Vibrant!


And after, with the bows cut off, first of all. Then I used spray adhesive to add some red silk and then I got glued the blue fabric on the tips. Finally, I hot glued on the gold piping and used a lighter to melt the ends. I love how in the photo, it’s hard to tell where I actually held the lighter too long and nearly burnt the trim….hehe. 🙂


These are SO fun and SO CUTE and I love them! I can’t wait to wear them this summer!